How to memorize quickly — technique and tips

Learning text by heart, improves the memory and trains the brain. Therefore, the school is often asked to teach poetry. But what if the time for cramming is not? To get a good grade for literature, students must know how to quickly learn the verse.

The book I dytyna

Preparation for learning

There is an algorithm that allows to quickly memorize any poetic work:

  • Read the poem three times aloud clearly and with expression
  • If the text contains unknown words, determine their meaning. It is difficult to teach something you do not understand
  • Mentally divide the text into several parts. Highlight the main idea, the main thesis and conclusion of the author. This will help to penetrate the essence of the text. Now you will imagine that you are studying. The poem will cease to be a set of characters and Rome, becoming a personal history of the author which he wants to convey to the reader. Think, are you close to the poet’s position Dad and son
  • Now read the text again, it is not necessary to hurry. Pay attention to verb tenses and narrative style
  • Take a notebook and rewrite the poem by hand. While practice speaking what you write aloud. So you turn on all types of memory: auditory, visual and motor, and will be able to learn a poem quickly The guy reads

Methods of learning

  • Start learning the verse for handwriting. Read three times the first line, and then repeat it aloud without looking at the notebook
  • Usually the first stanza is remembered best, so the problems with it you should not
  • Then proceed to learning the second row. Read it thrice, repeat, without looking at the cheat sheet. If you remember the text, recite the first and the second line together, not referring to the notebook. Did you do it? It’s time to begin to line number three
  • After the first paragraph is over, pause. Put the focus on something else for 2-3 minutes. Then again repeat the memorized part of the work Many books

Useful tips

  • Sometimes the student remembers the entire verse as a whole, but individual words at the junction of the paragraphs did not want to stay in the head. Try to cheat a little, beat your brain. Write the word stubborn did not want to be remembered on his arm. With this prompt, continue to teach the poem. Written on her hand the letters will stick in your mind very clearly. Maybe after some time, the verse will be forgotten, but these words will stay with you for a long time
  • To learn a poem by heart, you should sleep. Lack of sleep causes loss of concentration and fatigue. If your brain got no sleep, he just doesn’t want to admit to himself now, after resting a few hours before that Reading in the hammock
  • Teaching poetry in the evening, before bedtime. Many people know that if shortly before bedtime to speak rhymed lines several times, then in the morning they will lock in memory.
  • Lie down in bed, close your eyes and repeat mentally the specified work. When you Wake up, surprised to find that know the specified verse. How does it happen? This is one of the mysteries of our brain
  • Walk more and exercise. Try to repeat the verses during the run or normal walk in the Park. This method is very effective. Many students say that learning is faster outside the home. Therefore, going to the Park, grab a volume of poetry or save the text to the phone. Then you will say to yourself thank you for it Girl reading

If you have not had time to memorize poetry, do not panic. Each student is able to memorize one page of text per day, it is important to know the main secrets of learning.

Video instruction

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