How to learn a pull-up from scratch

One of the best exercises for developing and strengthening the back muscles and shoulder girdle are considered to be pull on the bar. Not everyone of us can boast that effortless «win» the bar and be able to do several similar exercises. Because their implementation requires considerable force. If you don’t know how to learn a pull-up from scratch in a short period of time, this material can help.

Training rules on the bar

Start training

Before you start to conquer the bar, you need to remember one basic rule – the more you want to learn to catch up on the bar and the more you struggle, the faster and easier you will achieve the result. And success will bring only a daily workout.

Each lesson should begin with a short warm-up. Just a few minutes of preliminary exercises not only «warm up your muscles and prepare for upcoming exercises, but will also reduce the risk of sprain or injury of the joints.

There are two productive methods by which you can quickly learn to catch up on the bar: an exercise or training with a partner. And each of them we discuss in detail.

Independent learning at home

This method provides that training you will be without a partner or any support. As an exercise heavy enough, you should start training with the so-called «negative phase», i.e. lowering of the body down. For this task you will need very bar and chair height, which will seamlessly allow you to reach the bar. Standing on it, you should grab the bar with your hands. Keep the palms were sent from you, and the brush was located at shoulder width. Bending your elbows, lift legs off the chair and hover in this position for two to three seconds. It is very important to let the chin this time was at the level of the crossbar. Next, try as you smoothly descend and straighten your arms.

Learning to catch up on shuffle

Rest for a few seconds, and then repeat the exercise. Ideally, the first time you need to do six approaches with both direct and reverse grip the crossbar. After a few workouts you must increase the amount of exercise. But do not think that it is too difficult. Because with each lesson you will feel more powerful.

Training with a partner

This method of training assumes that the training you will pass with a partner. Algorithm of actions:

  • Grab the bar in a forward or reverse grip. Keep brushes was located at shoulder width.
  • Tear off the legs and hang on the bar.
  • Bend your knees.
  • Try to catch up.

In that moment, when you lift your body, your partner must clasp the feet and a little help with the pulling. That is, your partner should take some of the weight. Myself up to the bar, hover for a second and return to starting position. Try as slowly as possible to stretch the hand. Take a break and make a few more approaches. Such systematic training will quickly lead to the fact that you will be able to catch up independently several times.

How to learn a pull-up from scratch

How to make more than thirty pull-UPS in one go

In order to develop muscle trifling belt you need to perform regular pull-UPS after two major exercises:

  • Vis on the bar with straight arms.
  • Vis on the hands, bent at the elbows.

As these exercises develop endurance, for success you need to constantly increase the amount of time that you spend on their implementation. You will need to get a stopwatch. Also, don’t forget to do push-UPS every day – this will speed up the process.

To execute vis on straight arms just enough so that even beginners can cope with this task. A similar exercise must be done after each session on the bar for as long as you do not get to catch up alone no less than six times. Then you can move on to the next, more complex phase, namely to hang with bent arms. Note that this exercise is difficult for many, even experienced athletes can’t hang in this position for more than 20 seconds. So make the minimum interval and gradually increase it with each workout.


The basic rules of work with the bar

Training on the horizontal bar, like any other exercise, without the basic rules can lead to very unpleasant consequences and even injuries. There are several basic conditions that will allow you to best protect the whole process:

  • Warm-up – it should start each lesson.
  • All exercises should be performed smoothly and slowly, so avoid sudden movements.
  • Never try to jump to the crossbar. If you can’t reach it, it is better to substitute the chair.
  • Follow the training schedule, and don’t forget to give the muscles a rest.

What is the coverage better

The easiest way to do the exercises on the bar with a reverse grip is when your palm is pointing towards your face. Indeed, in this position the majority of the load is on the biceps. And it is the strongest muscle in the human body. If you expand the palm from himself, that is to perform direct grip, the load will be distributed between the triceps, shoulder muscles and back. In this case the wider apart your hands the more stress experienced by the back. It is therefore necessary to keep the brush at a distance the shoulders, in order to strengthen all the muscle groups.

Most coaches recommend to use in training both types of grips at a time. This approach to training will allow you to quickly and proportionally develop all muscle groups, and you will make more 30 approaches now.

How to breathe when lifting

Proper breathing is the key to success not only for the exercises on the horizontal bar, but in any other sports training. Beginners often make the same mistake – holding your breath during pull-UPS, and this leads to the accumulation of fatigue, and consequently, reducing the effectiveness of the classes. In order to avoid such troubles, a special system that allows you to breathe correctly for this exercise:

  • A deep breath is held in its initial position, that is downstairs.
  • When lifting a little hold your breath, until your chin rises above the bar.
  • Quickly exhale coming down.

How to catch up on the bar

Additional exercises

To speed up the process of building muscles in the arms, back, and shoulder, are responsible for the number of pull-UPS, you must do some exercises without the bar. First of all should daily push-UPS from the floor. This exercise has a positive effect on all muscle groups.

In addition, if you want to achieve considerable success on the bar, it is necessary to train with dumbbells or a barbell to strengthen the biceps. Because these muscles are the main force in the classroom with a horizontal bar. In this case, remember that the main key to the success of training is consistency. So exercise every day, and the result will not keep itself waiting.

Video instruction

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