How to know your number of Tele2?

Operator Tele2 has spread to Russia recently. First is a Swedish company, founded by Ian Stenbek. Outside his native country it was released only in 1996, almost twenty years after its inception. And although the fact that Tele2 was in Russia in 2001, significant popularity, the company began to buy only after 2012. Then the people began to agitate the question – how do you know your number of Tele2?

how to know your room Tele2

Supporting documentation

The easiest way to know your number, it’s safe securities, which are issued together with a new sim card. If she just purchased, maybe not even out of the special envelope, on which are written the digits. But even if it is not, other accompanying paper the owner of the SIM card could be preserved.

Use as a modem

Despite the General trend of the spread of the Internet, many cities hold normal network as before is not possible. Here come to the aid of the modem for which you want to buy a SIM card. Using such a source is the Internet, too, can learn the numbers.

How to know your number of Tele2:

  • from the official website of the operator downloaded an application that allows you to work with your modem;
  • running it, you need to go to the menu «Services»;
  • then select «My room»;
  • after clicking «Send» will appear on the screen the phone number.

Internal function

To find the number, on some phones it is sufficient to choose the appropriate option. You can find it in settings – there is a need to find the «information sim card». Clicking on it, the phone screen will show the numbers, and the owner will only have somewhere to rewrite them.

Personal account

Now almost every mobile operator has a website on which subscribers can log into their personal accounts. It can be used to remember the phone number, but only if the person knew him before, and already had a personal account. The fact that in order to gain access to the account password. To ensure that the password has been sent to the phone, you will need to specify the number.

The call to the operator

operator tele2

To help with any questions simkarta, including how to know your number of Tele2, will the operators of this company. They can call the number 611. Cherished numbers or dictate or send it later by sms.

USSD command


As a rule, the response of the operator has to wait quite a long time, so the company has created the fastest way to read a combination of numbers. It is necessary to dial a USSD-command *201#. Within a few minutes, as the room is displayed on the screen.

How to know your room Tele2

If you are near familiar people (although, if you have freedom perfect strangers), you can simply call him and then rewrite the numbers yourself.

It is obvious that ways to learn your room enough, so it can be done in any situation, regardless of Internet access or even the presence of the phone itself.

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