How to know who visited my page in Facebook

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Facebook has long earned the title of one of the most visited social networks in the world. This resource brings together millions of people who are here to share news, learn, communicate, make friends, play, in General, do what they like. One of the main components in Facebook is visiting the pages of others. And since people are quite curious by nature, many users are extremely interested in the question: how can I know who went on my Facebook page. And it was some very questionable and dangerous things.

Who visited my account

Why Facebook does not have a function «visit»?

Millions of users of the social network repeatedly complained about the inability to view the «guests» personal page. And the developers have been inundated with emails and requests, even pleas, to create a similar function or to disclose known information to the system. It is no secret that in any social network, there are tools for viewing user activity . Moreover, this statistic is used in the algorithms of advertising in news feeds or posts. But the leadership of Facebook is quite clearly gave to understand that such a function will never be created for security purposes, the users themselves. Because it leads to the disclosure of confidential information. After all, many «guests» wish to remain anonymous when you visit a foreign page. So do not waste your time searching for the official program of the service to view visitors.


If you are serious in search of an answer, who came to the page in Facebook, you probably already searched for the answer in the global network. And most likely «search» has given you a lot of references to downloading «useful programs» to account for visitors. But in any case it is not necessary to use such applications. Indeed, to date nobody has managed to hack the entire system of Facebook. And those that are on the Internet is most likely the tools of online crooks who want to best «sell» you for a few rubles a broken program, or in the worst case – to get full access to your account due to a virus, hidden in the application. Including to passwords. So do not lose vigilance, because the excessive curiosity can lead to very sad consequences.

Guests of my page

Little tricks

But don’t worry, because knowing all about the work of the service can with high probability compute its visitors. Of course, such tricks will not give you a complete answer, and will not tell who, when and how many times I came to your page. But still you’ll have at least some idea about the activity of the «guests».

First of all, learn about their «fans» with updates. Add a new post, status or photo and after some time view your profile. Users who have added likes, comments and pokes, and your frequent visitors.

Viewing friends

Another small nuance will allow you to figure out which of your friends shows you particular attention, and is the most frequent visitor on your page. This method works even with those «prudes» who were not affected by the activity: do not mark your photos as much and don’t write reviews, but constantly reviewing your page and read your posts. To get this information, go to the tab «Friends» and carefully read through the entire list. The top of this «hit parade» always led by those who are the most frequent visitor. And even if the other shows no visible interest in the form of ratings and comments, but «coming to see you», his name would head the list. Of course, this method can be used to learn about those with whom you have not confirmed your friendship.

My guests on Facebook

Magic letter

Such «detective» method, you can learn about the latest visitors on your account, even if they are not registered as friends. To use it, you must go to the search bar and type any letter, say «A». After these steps Facebook will provide information about users with name that begin with that letter. The top line will take a user who «was seen» on your page, or the one who recently visited you. Thus, it is possible to sort through the whole alphabet, and be more or less informative list in your account. Doing such a job during the week, you can calculate all the people who wish to remain anonymous, because their «nicknames» will meet you with this list almost daily.

Indirect way

There is another perfectly legal way to find out about their visitors. Go to «people you may know» and it will provide information about those who looked to you for the account. Of course, it is impossible to find any statistics about when the user has come to visit you. Thus, it is possible to obtain at least some idea of who is interested in you lately. In addition, if you open the «view all» you will get access to information about all visitors to your page in this social network. Similarly, you can learn about the time of the visit, but opening this section daily you can calculate the new guests. That is, if yesterday, the list was empty, and today added a few names, these people were the ones who looked to you, «the flame».

Who visited my page


Trap for guests

Quite common on the social network Facebook has a special reference-traps. How does it work? You post on your page a link, as would lead to some useful information. And in fact, the guest that she will use, will be added to the statistics of your visitors. Unfortunately such method does not give an absolute guarantee, since most users are already aware of such traps and not being on the «deception».

Summing up we can say that with enough perseverance and care you can easily calculate all of their visitors using a completely legal and safe means. Most importantly, to have enough time and desire and none of the «invisible» will not go unnoticed.

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