How to know the password of your WiFi?

If earlier for the family enough to have one personal computer, but today he apartment is a tablet or at least smartphone. All these devices need access to the Internet, which can provide only wireless networks. How to know the password of their WiFi is a popular question among people connecting to the Internet, another analogue computer.

Of course, the easiest way to keep the password written down somewhere from the time I first installed the router. But, of course, do not all. Some do not expect that the house will be another technique that requires Internet connection, while others simply lose their records.

how to know the password of their wifi

How to know the password of your WiFi?

Fortunately, you can find the password from the wifi isn’t too difficult. It does not have to do something absolutely incredible. There are a number of basic methods to determine the correct data, but for virtually any of them will need access to a personal computer that is already configured to the desired Wi-Fi network.

  • At the bottom of the screen on the right side, next to the language bar and is the icon showing the Internet connection. It is necessary to press the right button.


  • This will lead to the emergence of the pop-up list, where you click «control Center network and sharing».
  • After this a window appears and in it the left side will be a section «Manage wireless networks».


  • Inside it will appear the list of available networks. As a rule, it is only one, that is connected to the computer. It again click right button and select the option «Properties».


  • Will open another window. Here is just two tabs, Connection and Security. In order to know the Wi-Fi password on the computer, choose the second.
  • It is easy to notice the string «network security Key». By default, the data in it are displayed as black dots, but below is the option «Show symbols».

Simply put a tick next to the option, and the screen will display a treasured combination. It can be used to connect to the network any other devices, and I also have to rewrite somewhere the data. Alternatively, suitable to create a file on my computer Notepad with moved there with a password. Of course, storing the information, and you can just on paper.

password Wi Fi

The lack of «network Management»

Sometimes when using the previous user have any difficulty, since the control Center cannot find Manage wireless networks. Most often this happens when working with laptops and some other devices. Fortunately, this problem is easy to handle.

  • In this case the connection icon, press the left mouse button. The result will be a small box with the connected networks.


  • Among them to choose the one that works the device, and click on it right mouse button.
  • The result will be a drop-down list where you select «Properties».

After that again a window will open with tabs Connectivity and Security, Security where you will need to put a tick near the item «Show symbols».


The second way is working with router

Another problem sometimes occurs when using the previous method is that the password cannot be displayed. Sometimes he just, in spite of the mark remains in the form of black dots, and sometimes the tick can not deliver. Fortunately, there is another way to get Wi Fi function on the new device.

This method is based on working with the configurations of the router. To do that, it is not necessary to know the password from wifi. It is sufficient to use the cable included with the device and connect it to your PC or laptop.

  • You must open the browser and at the line, intended for addresses of sites, to gain 168.1.1.
  • Next you need to enter the data for authorization that do not correspond to combinations from a Wi-Fi network, and are often the standard for all. The exception is that if the owner of the router itself changed the username and password after you purchase the device. If he did not, in the relevant rows should try to gain admin and admin.
  • In the event that the authorization information has been modified, but subsequently lost, you will have to use full factory reset to be able to enter standard data. This will be discussed below.
  • If this happens, it opens a tab with various settings of the router. There will have to switch from several options as follows: Wireless-Wireless Security-PSK Password.
  • If all the text is in Russian, it will look like the Wireless-wireless security-PSK Password.

Usually, the desired combination is displayed right, but sometimes it is on some other line of the same page. If router released by Asus, the password will appear directly on the main screen.


Full factory reset

Sometimes all of the above methods do not bring the desired result. Because of this we have to refer to the full reset of the router. This way will be able to get to the page with its parameters, using the factory username and password are both admin. In addition, reset is useful for those who messed up the configuration of the device and now does not understand how to return all into place.

Before proceeding to described below, you can check the information specified on the rear panel of the device. If admin-admin is not allowed to get into setup, but the owner did not change the data, then you can turn the router on and study what is written there. Sometimes, in addition to model numbers and other things, and there you specify the default credentials to log in.

So, how to do a full reset? It is very simple and the whole process consists of only one step. You need to pay attention to the panel of the router, which has connectors for different cables. To the right of them is a small recess. It is necessary to press a needle or other such instrument, after which all hold in this position for ten seconds, and better a bit longer.

As a result, all settings will be reset. This means that to go into the settings of the computer will be using the standard login and password, but it also means that all configuration must be reinstalled.

Sometimes recess is reset some other place, but, as a rule, to find it is easy. The result will be able to go into the settings of your router to view the password of a Wi-FI network or even install a new combination.

reset the router

How else can you know the password of your Wi-Fi?

To find the desired combination is not so difficult if the person is near your computer that is already connected to the network. What to do if he is somewhere else, and the data needed in the house? In this case, too, there is a solution.

You can always call your provider. Sometimes in order to find out the password, you have to provide certain details, but generally this is not a problem. You can also visit the office of the organization providing the Internet, and they get a printout with the required information.

If your smartphone has Root access, it is also nice to find out the password from the Wi Fi. Finally, the Internet is full of programs that claim that they can decrypt the password from the network, but most of these utilities cannot be trusted.


How to know the password over the phone?

If the smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi password which will find out, you can try to solve the problem with this device.

  • First, open any file Manager, methods to perceive the system folder. For example, like ES File Explorer classic for most Chinese devices.
  • The root partition is a set of various files that are responsible for the library, settings, and other things. They cannot be opened, and even more to change something in them.


  • You need to find the Data folder, it Misk, and then Wi-fi. Somewhere at the end of this section will be a file called wpa_supplicant.conf. That he is responsible for the settings, you can guess by its extension.
  • Files of this type are opened using most text editors. As a result, the smartphone screen will appear similar to the following.


  • Among the many introduced lines need to find the name of that Wi-Fi need to know the password. Approximately next to that word will be the string «psk». What is stated in it – and there is the desired combination.

If you don’t want to dig around yourself, then you can try to install on your smartphone the Wi-Fi Key Recovery. Similar to the method described above, this option also requires Root.

For more tips

If you want to connectivity problems appeared minimal, it is best to follow some General rules. First, most Internet resources and various instructions are not tired to remind that the password cannot be revealed to others.

If it belongs to someone to say, it is better to make these people their accounts that will have administrator rights. Without them they will not be able to change your password or cause other harm to your computer.

Finally, no matter how convenient to use the standard username and password is admin, much better and safer to install your own data for entry to the network. If they suddenly forgotten, it will be possible to make a factory reset, or use any method listed above.

login password

Video instruction

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