How to know the ip address of the computer?

Use of the computer is associated with a multitude of difficulties. All the intricacies and features of this technique is difficult to understand, but people constantly trying to delve into such questions. For example, im wondering how to know the ip address of the computer?

In order to understand this question, first is find out what is this address. To start is to refer to its transcription and translation. The letters IP is an abbreviation, acronym for Internet Protocol. The word address is used almost literally.

The fact that IP does, so to say, the location of the computer. Due to this data, information from other devices able to get on him. It’s all the same what to specify on the covering letter the country, city, street, house and other necessary data.

how to know ip address of computer

Features of ip-addresses

Every computer has its own unique IP address if it connected to the network. This network does not have to be wireless, like Wi-Fi, it is sufficient that the two devices were connected together.

However, envelopes the man himself enter the desired location. Where takes the address of a computer technician? With the exception of the situation when the data are specified manually, they are automatically set when you start. Each subsequent activation to create a new combination of characters. This is called dynamic ip address.

The situation is quite simple, if PI belongs to the local network. However, in the Internet there are many users and, accordingly, a variety of devices. Some of them have the same dynamic address, while others may be static. The difference in these variants is quite obvious.

  • Dynamic PI computer, when entering the network, each time to a new address. On exit, ip will be passed to someone else. Next time the device receives a new combination.
  • If the address is static, it is typical for only one specific computer and does not change when turning on or off.

By itself, IP is a digital sequence of four numbers. These numbers can be from zero to 255. For example, the address may be

ip address

How to know the ip address of the computer?

The need to know your ip address occurs for different reasons. Often this is due to various problems with access to the Internet or to the particular resources concerned with the PI computer.

To solve this problem in different ways, which are many. In the first place, it makes sense to consider the easiest method.

  • You need to go to the Yandex search engine, it is possible to use some other resources.
  • Type in the search bar «my ip address is the computer».
  • Click on «Find» or «Enter».
  • Then right under the search bar there will be a combination of digits, which is the desired ip of the computer.

There are other methods to get this result. For example, you can refer to the Windows Protocol.

  • First you need to go to start, click on Run.
  • After that, a command prompt appears. It can also be called a combination of Win and R.
  • In the pop-up field gaining cmd and confirm this by pressing OK.


  • In the next window, type ipconfig. Operating systems, created in the nineties, used a combination of winipcfg.


  • Then you just need to press Enter.

The result of this method will appear on the screen itself PI address as well as subnet mask, gateway and some other features working at the moment connection.


Other methods to find the address

The next option, which allows you to check the ip address of the computer is also quite simple. To do this, go to «Network connections» that can be found in the settings.

  • In this window you need to select the State.
  • Then go to Support.
  • Then left click on Details.

This will bring up a small window State, which painted a variety of information about the connection. For example, you specify the name and type of device used server and the transports, and, of course, the address of the server and the client.

Review the information in Network connections you can add some other method.

  • Through the start, get into control Panel, open the section where the Network and Internet.

network and Internet

  • Further, through the control Center need to get into active networks, and click on the phrase «local area Connection».



The result will appear on the screen a small window in which you want to find the word Data. After clicking on it will open another window where, except for PI addresses, you can view information about DNS and other servers, gateways and other services.



Finally, to determine the ip there are specialized sites. A lot of them, so you’ll be able to find some option in search results upon request.

Video instruction

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