How to know the balance of traffic on a Megaphone?

Network access using the phone increasingly becoming an important part of human life. I couldn’t just keep checking the social network, but also conduct monetary transactions and even pay for purchases. Many people want to find out how to know the balance of traffic on the Megaphone.

how to know the balance of traffic on a megaphone

What is this traffic and why is it important to monitor her condition? The fact that it is very difficult (almost impossible) to find the rate of mobile Internet, which would act without restrictions. All mobile operators including MegaFon, for a fee, issue to the subscriber a certain amount of gigabytes (or megabytes) of bandwidth. As soon as the amount is exhausted, the Internet will start to work so slow, as to be almost impossible.

When this happens, it is either to pay for the extra volume of traffic, or painful wait for the start of the next month. Paying the next period, otherwise people will be able to consume the existing gigabytes or control costs with the help of special programs.

Mobile Internet from MegaFon

Being a subscriber of the cellular operator MegaFon, a person can get different amounts of traffic depending on the chosen tariff. In addition, there is a standard calculation with charging per megabyte. In this case, the Home area of the phone will be charged at 2.5 rubles per megabyte spent. For connecting to the Internet will need to pay 300 p

For those who like the cost disadvantage, MegaFon offers tariff plans. They are available in four basic versions, and have special and highly specialized proposals.

For example, for 30 rubles each month to 600 MB Internet with option Tablet XS. The option designation S is offering 7 GB, but each month will have to pay 350 rubles.

If you pay for the connection is 180 rubles and every day to pay an additional 6, it will be available Internet rate XS providing for the nl. For 250 rubles a month, you can get 4 GB of bandwidth, and the 390 – 16. Finally, for 490 rubles monthly provide the users with the 40 GB and the 590 will remove the speed limit at night.

mobile Internet MegaFon

How to know the balance of traffic on a Megaphone?

So, the man hooked one of the options and started to use the Internet. At some point he notices that the sites previously zagruzhatsya for a few seconds, began to appear barely over a minute, if not longer. It can speak about different problems but, first and foremost, is to check the remainder of gigabytes.

How to know the balance of traffic on a Megaphone:

  • Those with someone who is a computer or other device with Internet access can go to the website It can help you to get into personal account, where information simkarta. If this has never been done, then you need to start to receive the password. Give it with the help of USSD-command *105*00#.
  • To check traffic in the SIM card that is inside the tablet or the router, you need to pay attention to the section called «Internet account». In the end, the person gets to the page which shows a variety of data about its rate. Selecting «Current discounts and packages», you can see the total amount of traffic provided by MegaFon, and spent gigabytes.

the rest of the traffic

Other methods of verification

A lot of mobile Internet has been used as a replacement to the stationary computer, so if you have problems with traffic to go to your personal Cabinet becomes extremely difficult. Fortunately, you can use other ways.

For example, it is enough to dial a special command *558#and press the Call, and soon the phone will receive a message indicating the time information of the traffic.

Many people prefer to learn this way of sending SMS. The text should be written the word «balance» or the same in Latin letters – «ostatok». It is necessary to send on number 000663.

If anything fails, you can always go to the office, where the representatives of «MegaFon», or call 0500 or 8-800-333-05-00. As a rule, when any of these options will need a document confirming the identity of the owner of the SIM card.

Additional funds

In order not to require every time the rest of the traffic is to follow the flow. This can be done, first, with the help of special programs that are purchased on Google Play and App Store. They will automatically calculate the costs of the Internet.

Some devices have an internal counting system traffic for the month, but it is not exact and, for reliable indicators, they need to upgrade at the beginning of each month.

Finally, if SIM card used in the modem, then to know the balance of traffic is very simple. Such devices are equipped with special programs, which shall include both expense and connection speed, and activity session.

program to check traffic

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