How to know your phone Beeline?

Almost everyone today has a mobile phone, and sometimes more than one. In addition to the SIM card, which the owner makes calls and sends SMS, it may be a separate card for your tablet or modem. So many wonder how to know your phone Beeline?

As a rule, people about remember the sequence of numbers that is used directly for calls and messages. It often has to be repeated to others, and to gain for entry to social networks or any other resources. Much more complicated is the case with the number of the modem, and you need to know in order to pay for the Internet.

how to know your room Beeline

How to know your phone Beeline?

Even though my phone is often securely stored in the memory, it is still possible to forget, or start to doubt the correctness of stored information. To know my room Beeline is very simple. For this there are special numbers and USSD-command.

  • The easiest and effective method is the use of the team. For this you just need to dial on the phone keypad *110*10# and then start the challenge. As a result, the screen will display the inscription, confirming that the request has been accepted. Then you need to wait for the arrival of a message in which is recorded the desired number. All this is absolutely free.
  • Usually, the only situation that does not allow to use the USSD command, that is, if the phone is corporate. In this case, it is necessary to turn to other methods.
  • The second option is call to 067410. Talk to anybody is not necessary, as the system will record the call and send the caller a combination of numbers.
  • If all these methods are for some reason not suitable, you can speak with your cell provider, which will help to solve any problem. For starters, you need to reach him at room 0611, and then wait. Sometimes the wait is delayed, and also, for this method you need to know the codeword of the SIM card and have passport data. Easier and faster to use the command or automatic call.

Finally, if the person you need to find is someone else with the phone, you can simply make a call. The screen shows the desired combination.

room Beeline

How to find the room on iPad?

Apple products can facilitate various tasks, and to complicate them. For example, in order to know the number of the phone, you can use almost any of the methods listed above. If it is necessary to work with a tablet, the situation is more complicated.

The fact is that Apple imposes a lot of restrictions in their products, which they aren’t able to send USSD commands. In order to know the number, you need to go to settings. In this section there is the item «Number for cellular data», which is the desired combination of digits.

Sometimes in order to resolve the issue, it is necessary to seek the help of support or even visit specialized service centers. However, all this can be avoided, if you just swap SIM card from the device from Apple to another smartphone.

the room on the ipad

How to get the number from your modem?

So, there are numerous ways to find out your phone number, but how do you know that you are calls? For example, it refers to simkarten used in modems. In order to deal with the problem, you need to use a special program, which applied to USB modems from Beeline and installed automatically.

  • After opening the program, you need to go to the «account Management».
  • Here is the graph for My number and a button «get a room».
  • It is necessary to press. Simcard then you will receive a message with the desired combinations. Fortunately, in order to read it, no need to insert a SIM card in the phone. The program contains a special section in which are stored messages.

If this program didn’t install automatically, you can start the process from My computer and clicking USB connector. Finally, if nothing helps, then you need to put the simcard in regular phone and use one of the methods given above.

modem Beeline

Working with personal account

Today, virtually every organization has a website through which customers can solve a variety of problems. For example, most mobile operators offer subscribers a special section called Personal profile. It can help you to solve a number of important issues, such as cost control and additional services.

personal account Beeline

He also makes it easy to get the number. Personal account contains all essential information for simkarty and on who it was. Thus, all you need is to get inside the partition. For this you just need to register, but sometimes you have to contact your operator login and password.

Among the important and useful functions of a Personal account has the ability to recharge from the map, information about unsubscribing from services, checking account and tariff plan.

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