How to knit socks knitting for beginners

Knitting is a great way to have fun and spend their leisure time. Seamstresses, who can not imagine their life without such a craft, capable of creating wonderful blankets, clothes and toys. Those who are just starting to get acquainted with this art, first of all want to know how to knit socks knitting. That they beginners learn the basic technique, learn to work with an unfamiliar tool.

knitted socks

The choice of tool for knitting

None of the masters will not be able to knit socks if she will use the inappropriate knitting needles and yarn. So before you start, you need to buy all the necessary material and tools. When choosing needles for knitting does not hurt to pay attention to the following features:

  • The material from which made the tool. You can find knitting needles made of wood, aluminum, steel and plastic. Before buying you should hold them in your hand to evaluate the weight and how comfortable it will be to work with them. Better to give preference to steel or aluminum spokes, as they are very durable, unlike the plastic tools for knitting. Wooden knitting needles can leave the yarn a little tightening.
  • The size of the spokes. To correctly determine this indicator will help sales. Ideally, you should choose the tool under the skin. On the package of yarn is usually indicated spokes any length and diameter to use it. If you make a mistake with the size, a connected product can turn out sloppy.
  • The sharpness of the spokes. Not worth buying a tool with very sharp tips. After all, they can damage the yarn and the product itself. In addition, this needle easy to get hurt.

Not less carefully it is necessary to pick up the yarn for knitting socks. The stores sold a huge amount of material, which is characterized by the quality of the yarn, thickness and color. Experienced masters recommend to give preference to wool. The product of them be long to keep original shape and the patterns on this material look just great.

Before you buy yarn advise to study its label. There features information, containing the following information:

  • Rules care product made of this yarn.
  • For hand or machine knitting used.
  • The color number.

knitting patterns socks

It is not necessary to throw away the label until the socks will not be contacted until the end. Indeed, in the case of lack of material will easily pick up the same thread, saying the seller a specific number of the desired color of yarn.

The technique of knitting socks with two needles for beginners

  • First and foremost it is necessary to measure the foot size, which is related to the toe. You need to measure between five and feet above the bone, to see what the desired volume.

determine the volume of the foot

The data obtained from two measurements, we sum and divide by 2. This number must be rounded to divided by 4, because we will distribute the loop on exactly 4 spokes.

shared loops on the spokes

  • Then evenly shared needles, and start knitting a top for a sock using a circular knit.

gumka for sock

  • You need to remember that the elastic of the sock should be, in average 4-5 cm.
  • Then after the bands need to bind 5-6 cm from the heel, it will be the «body» of our sock. You can use any other color if you want the sock turned out beautiful and unusual.

the body of the sock

  • You must then give a fifth need, for this you need to split the loop into 3 equal parts, and extra loops to connect with the Central. With this we will quickly form a side of the heel.

Boca five

  • After that you need to turn the sock, remove the loops one needle, we won’t use. Next, take in the work only the front loops as the first loop takes, and facial stretches the front, and beveled hinge spreads to knit.

knit sock

  • Then again, turn the work and remove the first loop, not promazyvaya.

the knitting process

  • Continue to knit until there are side loops.

continue to knit

  • All the loops side of the heel must collect on the needle.

we print on the spokes

  • Again, go to circular knitting, employ in the operation of the loops from those needles, which we never used. And also use loops with the side panels and heel loop Central heel area.

the final stage

  • To complete the knitting of the sock, each of the second circular series of need to do so: the third and the second loop from the end linked together from the end of the first spokes of the front loop, and the second and third loop, which are on the fourth spokes, promazyvaetsya broach.

create a sock

  • Dokazyvaet toe to the end of the fingers.

dokazyvaet toe to CNCA palcu

  • In the end there is a reduction of the loops according to this scheme: every second row of the third and second hinge from the edge of the odd are finished knitting the front loops. Similarly, do the second and third loops of the pair of spokes, promazyvaya broach.

finish knitting

  • Finally, you must subtract loops in each circular row, until there are 4 loops. That’s all, in the end you need to make a good site which will not allow your toe to go threads.

knitted sock

The gradual knitting socks with a pattern

To this technique should begin after having mastered the technology of knitting simple socks. To produce the pattern, the following steps are necessary:

  • The spokes must receive 50 loops of one yarn.
  • The scheme of knitting socks with a pattern is quite simple. Takes the edge loop, 5 times promazyvaetsya pattern, first 2 the front loop, then purl 2. Weave 8 front loops. This scheme allows you to make a braid pattern. After you’ll have to make 5 repetitions of loops in the diagram.
  • Make complete pattern need the third row. You should direct 40 stitches rows fabric.
  • To make a fifth, you must collect 20 of the stitches from the front side. Knit 10 reports (2 out wrong, and the same face), and after 8 loops of the pattern. Again, it should repeat for 2 front and 2 reverse loops.
  • To form a waist band, you need two sides to gradually diminish the loop. You need to follow the scheme: 35 of the loops with a rubber band, after 2 loops provyazat facial. To get the pigtail, should alternate 1 front and 2 reverse, after 8 facial. All this is repeated in reverse order until the very end of the series.
  • Facial number needed to make 2 front and 2 reverse loops. This technique is repeated three times.
  • Side of the edge loops you need to dial on the spokes so as to obtain 39 loops. Their promazyvayut wrong. On the reverse side doing the weaving front.
  • Trailing average of 15 loops. On each row you should reduce the product. You should get a cloth worn by the spokes 14 of the loops.
  • To knit the heel, you have to reverse to gain 20 edge loops. On the front side of the work is on the front loops.
  • Further promazyvayut 20 loops on the inverted side of the other. 13 of them are elastic, the last loop should be connected with the other.
  • Now repeat the original pattern. In the middle of the product should be 13 stitches elastic stitches. The next 2 are slid behind the rear wall.
  • We need to begin to diminish the loop up to 14.
  • Finally, we need to turn the sock, dial edge of the loop to purl in the usual way mentioned above. The loop should be reduced to 14 to make cuffs.


Before starting work it is recommended to find the scheme of knitting socks. In order to have a clear example of the future product.

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