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Boots is a beautiful children’s knitted shoes for wearing on bare feet and are designed for infants. How to knit baby booties knitting? Probably every seamstress that has not yet mastered this interesting way of mating, I asked myself this question. In fact, if you carefully delve into the study of this process, you can be sure in practice that to associate the booties with the help of spokes is not so difficult.

knit baby booties

To start is to learn the basic technique of knitting the booties on two needles. Having studied this model, every woman will be able to experiment and try other, more complicated ways of self knitting booties. The easiest way of crochet booties with two needles is the garter crochet model. To begin the process of creating shoes, it is sufficient to only measure the foot size of the future owner of this piece.

Parts that make up booties

Booties, like every other product of crafts are created in several stages and separated into its component parts, namely:

  • The low cut cotton sport. It is part of booties, which is worn above the ankle, and actually covers the lower part of the leg of the baby.
  • Sock. Part of the booties, which will be located the toes.
  • A side part. Runs in the knitting process in a separate step of creating the booties. When it vyvazhivanii it is important to strictly observe the ratio of the size of the sock, soles and the most lateral part.
  • Sole. Begin to knit immediately after a basic sock.
  • The rear part. Consists of five, raising the low cut cotton sport with vyazaniem the bottom of the booties for comfortable fit at ankle.

Many Housewives knit booties on the principle of shaping the future of seam on the back of the booties. There are proponents of such models rag shoes, but the best way to learn to knit baby booties without a seam. This is a more aesthetic method of knitting booties. Moreover, the cross-linking associated parts is not less troublesome than their vyvazhivanija, and the presence of internal scar adds comfort when wearing decorative shoes. The slightest deviation at the weld line leads to an imbalance of symmetry rag shoes. That is the model for creating the booties are worth exploring in more detail.

scheme of children's bootees

The calculation of loops

To calculate the exact number of rows required to create a foot booties, need the length of the foot, the future owner of bootees multiplied by the number of rows which will be located in the length of 1 cm then, the resulting number should be divided by two and the result should be rounded to an integer numeric values (the resulting calculation of the number of rows). Further, this number is again divided by two and then multiplied by three (the number of loops you need to dial on the spokes).

Measurement of other component parts of baby’s bootees

After receiving the original data for the formation of the foot booties, it is important to remember that such parameters of the parts are calculated according to the following rules:

  • The width of the middle part of the shoes is equivalent to the height of five. Usually it does not exceed 2 — 3 inches. If we translate this value to the number of ranks, there should be no less than 12.
  • Internal loops are created in the form of «braids». To achieve this effect, you need the edge loop to crochet through inside out at the end of the row, and at the beginning of the loop is removed in the form of nepovezane.
  • Size low cut cotton sport calculated according to the model of the future owner ankle booties. First tally the first 3 cm must be at least 12 rows. After this is formed the hole for the output string. The thirteenth series of low cut cotton sport fit in the front loops and the fourteenth row, the opposite — purl. On the fifteenth of the number needed to remove the edge loop, then shape the two front loops for the back wall, creating the opposite Orkid. At the end of that row, in front of the edge loop, one loop should be purl in the front. The sixteenth number fit inside.

knit nosochkov region

The knitting of the toe part

Sock knitting is one of the most difficult stages in the process of creating the booties. It is necessary to consider this process in more detail:

  • Before you start working, hinges should be divided into three parts.
  • Vivaselecta only the middle part, consisting of nine loops. At this stage tally sixteen rows, as in the formation of low cut cotton sport (listed above).
  • On the sides of the sock to insert extra spokes, which carry out the mission of the catches to score the loop is not opened yet.
  • When he reached the thirty-third row, loop the side parts of the sock rises. We must act consistently. First climb of the loop on the left and then the right. This should pick up both the half-loop on both sides.
  • The left needle is introduced in the edge loop, the next row promazyvaetsya inside out. Thus, the end result of the side of the sock get increased up to eight loops, and on the front side is formed good way to weave «pigtail».
  • The entire side of the sock promazyvaetsya facial loops, and the Central part vivaselecta classic facial.
  • The left needle is pulled through the edge loop that is in the back of the sock, and promazyvaetsya the front loop.
  • Both sides need to link eight loops. As a result the Central part of the rear of the sock will also receive a beautiful series in the form of «braids».
  • All the rest of the loop promazyvaetsya classic facial style. At the end of the spokes should be not less than three loops.

front of sock

After the completion of the sock, knitting is final cut booties — low cut cotton sport. All loops should be the front. The width of the measured low cut cotton sport additionally, depending on the thickness of the children’s feet. As a rule, the width of the low cut cotton sport does not exceed 3, see the Last rows booties, in part, to house the bone can knit into crochet, because it is more convenient. If the goal from the first to the last loop to tie booties exclusively two spokes, then on the left needle attack loop, and tie the right knots to the loops of the last row not blossomed themselves. Also, if necessary, the last row of polenkova part of the bootees can bind a thread to a related thread held tight. The color of the thread is chosen according to the taste.

Material for knitting bootees in two spokes

When choosing the material for knitted baby booties, it is worth remembering that a baby’s skin is very sensitive to stimuli. Therefore it is better to avoid using traditional wool yarn for knitting booties. Also not a valid use of synthetic fibers. To children’s booties best suited cotton thread.

scheme knitting bootees

Booties cotton fine allow air to pass through, give the baby’s skin to breathe while maintaining warmth. Cotton is lightweight and hypoallergenic, which eliminates the formation of irritating reactions on the skin of the baby.

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