How to install Windows 7?

Over the past few years Microsoft has released several operating systems. Quickly and quietly, causing a wave of negativity swept Windows 8, then came the number 10. Despite this, how to install Windows 7 is still a topical issue, as the OS remains one of the most popular.

how to install windows 7

This process has fundamental differences from any other version of the OS. However, if someone has absolutely no experience in installing Windows, it is best to seek advice from a knowledgeable friend, to find that in the modern reality it is not so difficult. Attempt to understand the issue, even with the help of clear step-by-step instructions, can lead to data loss and other unwanted consequences.

Preparing to install

Most often, the operating system put through a special drive. For this to happen, you must make sure that the computer was able to boot accordingly. This is achieved through small changes in the BIOS.

  • By running the computer is turned on (or resetting it), you need to begin fast to press Del. This will open the BIOS. You can also use buttons F1 and F4.
  • Need to find the Boot partition and from there you need to get into Boot Device Priority.
  • Item number 1 exhibited a CDROM.


  • Ready! You just have to insert in the drive the drive and save the changes. Just press F1 and choose the OK button.

boot2, to

All this will lead to restart the computer, then on the screen you will see the inscription that requires you to press any key. This needs to be done. If the computer had no operating system, then the previous steps are not needed. The installation process will start automatically.

start the installation

How to install Windows 7?

Finally, work with the BIOS completed, you can proceed to the main part of the installation. Primarily, the monitor will appear a window where you can select the language, date, time, and keyboard layout. Selecting everything you need, you have to press Next and then Install.


In a few minutes, the screen will display the license agreement without which the further work is impossible, so you need to put the appropriate checkbox and click Next.


Finally, click on «full install».

Karpovna installation

  • In the opened window select the location where you will store the operating system.
  • It is best to choose the folder where the old software. It can be formatted and thus make space for Windows If the window is offered only one folder, you will first have to deal with her separation. This is done via settings, where the sections define the required volume. One part must be allocated to the operating system, and the other to leave for later.
  • If the corresponding section is already there, you should make sure that the formatted region there are no files that you want to keep.
  • Then click Next and the installation process will start.


Over the next 10-30 minutes will be copying and unpacking the files, the computer may restart several times. When the installation is complete, the screen will display the launch window.

  • Enter the user name. It can be anything, but it is worth considering the fact that it will be able to see other people.


  • After clicking Next the following window will open. It is possible to create a password for the account, but not necessarily. If desired, the fields are left empty, and again pressed On.
  • It remains to review some more Windows. The first selects the update mode, then set the time, time zone and network settings.


After completion of all procedures will only apply the changes. Not long after the desktop appears – a sign that the question of how to install Windows 7, solved.


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