How to install Windows 10 from USB drive?

Windows 10 is one of the newest operating systems. No wonder that most people wish to put on your computer. Most often this is done by using special disks, but sometimes you have to face the question how to install Windows 10 from USB drive.

In General, all Microsoft operating systems are installed are quite similar, so it is possible to use, for example, the instructions for Windows 7. Thus, if the person knows how to put the new OS, it is not necessary to examine separately for each version. If no such experience at all, even with the most detailed instructions can be problems.

In this regard, it is better to provide this job to a professional or just an experienced friend. He will be able to ensure that in the process of installing computer or laptop has not disappeared all files, as well as the fact that the system was not damaged. In addition, the workflow may differ, depending on what and in what state the system was before.

how to install windows 10 from USB drive

Preparing flash drive

First and foremost, you need to devote time to the preparation of the flash drive. On it will reset the OS. For all owners of licensed copies of Windows it is better to use a special program. It can take at this link — There you can choose the option that is suitable for discharge PC (32 or 64).

After downloading the utility will only run it to do what it says on the screen. For example, you have to select «Create a drive», choose the language and OS model. At some point the program will ask to choose a carrier. In the list want to check the «USB flash». Further actions the utility will complete automatically, and Windows 10 will be on the flash drive.

the choice of a drive

Having the operating system version in the form of an ISO image, it can be written on the medium by formatting in FAT32. This is done in a variety of programs that can be found in the Internet as well as via command line. However, in order to be sure of the correct work of Windows 10, you must purchase a licensed copy.

BIOS setup and other arrangements

Before you begin, you need to ensure the integrity of important files. Now any experienced computer user always divides hard drive into two divisions. As a rule, the disks C and D. The first is given strictly for the system files, and the second already is everything else, like movies, music, programs, games and other things.

If you have only one disk, or have to accept the fact that all data will be lost, or to flip them to another device, or to spend time creating the second disk. Ultimately, the computer should be a space where there is nothing but system files.

After that you go to the BIOS setup. It is initially set to the place where every time it comes to loading the operating system. In order to install Windows from a flash drive, you need to specify the computer boot you need to start with her. For starters, you need to connect the drive to your device and then go to the next step.

If the person doesn’t know how to open the BIOS, it shouldn’t be reinstalling the OS at all. Once you reach the desired window, it is necessary to find the section that is responsible for loading. It can be named differently, Yes, and the BIOS does not have a fixed appearance. As a rule, the desired section is in the title the word «BOOT».


  • In the dialog box you will specify that the operating system needs to run from a flash drive, and select it.
  • Then you save changes using the Save button or the corresponding hotkey.

Closing BIOS will restart the computer or laptop. In the case when all the previous steps were correct, the inclusion of the monitor will show the inscription Press any key to boot from CD or DVD. This means that you should press any button. If not, you have to check the correctness of the preceding steps, in particular – recording system on a flash drive.

How to install Windows 10 from USB drive?

If you treasured inscription appeared, and began the incorporation process, for someone who was previously loaded operating system, in the future there will be no particular problem. Everything happens for a fairly standard scheme.

  • One of the first screens to select the language, time and keyboard layout. Often you can do not touch anything and just click on the Next button.


  • The second window, at first glance, consists of only one button, but actually two of them. However, the second (line near the bottom) in this case is not necessary, so you just need to click Install.


  • In recent times the Home or Professional version of the OS has moved to this stage of the installation, but sometimes it occurs much earlier.
  • Next you need to enter the product code. Having the license Windows, there will be no problems, as the desired combination is indicated on the box or in a special letter.

key product

  • You can run trial version by clicking on «I Have no clue.» It will not be activated, which will lead to the emergence of various problems, but to complete the installation will fail.
  • After that, a window will appear, prompting you to confirm the interpretation of the agreement, and then POPs up the select the installation type. The first implies complete retention of all files, including system, but as a result of such recall will be heavily congested. Besides, this option should not be taken as a full installation of the operating system, it is only an update. Therefore we choose the second, that is a Custom installation.

installation type

  • The next step is specifying the system where it needs to be installed. To do this, use the disk where there is nothing but system files. At this stage you need to run the formatting to completely clean from the old OS.
  • Instead of formatting, you can wipe the drive and do it again from the freed memory.

After this is to begin on the Next button and the program will start to transfer the operating system files from USB drive to computer. When this is done, the device will reboot with the new Windows 10. A window will appear which will show the Status of the installation. This stage is accompanied by a variety of reaction or laptop computer like reboots or hangs. You just need to wait until the end of the process.

the process of installation

The final stage

Further action if you are installing Windows 10 from USB drive can be somewhat variable. For example, if you have a network Wi-Fi, you can connect to a Microsoft account. Also, the system will again ask to enter the key, if you haven’t done so already. Here you need again to click on «Skip», «to Do later», and so on, depending on the version. In the new Windows 10 this step is missing altogether.

  • Then you will be asked to work with computer configurations. For most people it is enough just to select «Use Express settings». If you want, you can get into the settings and make the necessary changes.
  • The next window asked to log in uchetku Microsoft or create it on the device. The first is only available if you connect the computer to the network Wi-Fi. On the question of the activation of this clause shall not be affected.


  • After that, the monitor will display «It does not take much time.» In fact, different things happen, and sometimes you have to wait about half an hour. At this time, the system sets various basic programs.

the end

That’s all! Soon the screen will display the standard Windows desktop 10. He will say that the whole installation process ended successfully. After that you can re-enter the BIOS and select another boot method of a system that does not always happen only with the flash drive.


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