How to install Minecraft mods

Anyone who has ever played Minecraft knows that the game will be more exciting and more interesting, if you install a mod that can help to achieve incredible results. So the logical question — how to install the mod?

how to install Minecraft mods

What is a mod

The word «Mod» is derived from «modification» means making some changes to the core gameplay. An example can be: wide addition to your world or expand the number of created things. All mods are of 2 types:

  1. Have the extension .jar. They can replace existing documents, then Minecraft might stop working. Therefore, these modes are not very loved by the players.
  2. Use one of two boot loaders. They are called Modloader and Forge. Thanks to them, we can achieve any modifications. Make the game to start, it is important to only use one of the provided bootloaders.


Starting with version 1.6, there were changes in the first method to install the mod into the game:

  • File name minecraft.jar got it based on the version of the game.
  • The file has changed location. Now instead of the bin folder, you should find it in versions.

To install such a mod is possible after pressing the «start» button located on the bottom left. In the appeared search box you need to type «%appdata%.minecraft» and the desired document will be in the folder versions.

Manual method of installing the mod

When you update the game, all mods installed by hand, run away. But due to the fact that in version 1.6 there are several primary variants, the manual method allows you to create your own world. When using loader, archived in a folder will always be another folder with the version of the game. This folder must be copied, previously, changing the name to something else.

gra minecraft

In the copied folder contains 2 files that are renamed according to the changes. The first file is used to install the boot loader, and other open using any text editor. In the line Id is written a new name. Then all the changes you want to keep.

Now, when you start the launcher, registered version of the game will be in the tab called Editprofile. If she’s not there, select manual. To set the desired fashion, it is sufficient to choose the version that fits your game and the downloaded archive to send to the folder «mods». In the description, you can see, you need an additional program. And if you need them, there will be links to download them.

mod for minecraft

Automatic way to install the mod

To make installation mod automatically need to follow the instructions:

  1. For all versions of Windows except XP, you need to find a file located on the hard drive in the folder «User».
  2. XP users, you will find the file on your hard disk in a folder called «Documents and files.
  3. Here you find a document that has the extension jar that you want to back up.
  4. This will delete the file meta-inf. If this is not done, then instead of the game you will get just a dark screen.
  5. Go to the same folder and find the document with the extension .jar. And it should be remembered that the installation can go wrong and how to. For this case, it is recommended to download the original minecraft.jar.
  6. Uploaded documents can be opened using the archiver. Next you need to find and place in directory file resources.
  7. Now all that is in the downloaded folder before doing this, put in minecraft.jar.

Mod installed and you can start the game.


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