How to install skin on Minecraft

Anyone who has ever played Minecraft knows that the character here has its own skin, that is appearance. Starting the game, each participant receives a standard form of Steve. And while playing on the server it is possible to note that different participants often look identical. This is because they have not changed their original skins. Of course, we want to stand out from the crowd and be individual. And you need to know how to install skins in Minecraft? And there are some differences. The fact that there are players who enjoy the Minecraft license, and there are those who play a pirated version of the game. To change skin simply in both cases.

how to install skin on minecraft

How to install skin on Minecraft in the case of using the pirated version

To set up the skin in pirated copies may, following the following algorithm:

  1. Look, if you can, create yourself, or download it in the Internet, did you like the most skin. If you have a rich imagination and creativity, you will easily be able to create a skin yourself. Especially for this there is a program called Skincraft.
  2. If you found and downloaded a new skin with the extension «.png» you need to rename it and give it a new name «char.png».
  3. With a document open Minecraft you need to find the folder called «bin».
  4. In the folder where you stored your game, find a file called minecraft.jar. now you need to open it using any available archiver, for example WinRar.
  5. Open the file, you will see many different icons and documents. Inspect them carefully, and among them is the folder «mob». Here you need to copy and paste your found option. After that your character will be changed to new, selected or created by you.


How to install skin user license minecraft

The procedure of establishing the appearance of your game character, for those who play in the licensed version of Minecraft following:

  1. The first paragraph will be similar to the pirated version. You need to find, download, or create a special app your own skin.
  2. Go to multiplayer Internet game site, which can be found by following the link
  3. Here you need to log in using your username and password that was entered when registering the license the game. Then you get to your profile.
  4. Clicking the «Browse» button, you will have the opportunity to choose the best in your opinion, the image of the character.
  5. After clicking Upload, all changes will be saved and you will receive an updated image of the character.

skins in minecraft

You also need to keep in mind that if you use the official version of Minecraft and change it in the client, it will be able to see in the game everything players. As for the pirated version, then the client will only be visible to you.

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