How to install rear view camera on the car with his hands

The basic equipment of most modern cars originally included such a useful device like sensors. This device helps not only for beginners, but experienced drivers to Park in any spot of the city, even in especially tight places, and also gives a feeling of confidence when driving in reverse. Thus useful data about a situation has a rear view camera. This device that works in conjunction with a display on the dashboard gives a clear idea about what is happening behind the car. The owners of vehicles which do not have this device, you can always hook it up with your hands. To cope with this problem, everyone can, most importantly, strictly follow the instructions.

Installation of reversing camera

Choose the Cam

To date the rear view camera offers a wide and varied choice. Each device has a different technical parameters, appearance, and cost and quality. But at the same time, each such device is made given the fact that it can do the usual car enthusiast, not a mechanic of the highest order. You should pay attention to when buying the camera:

  • First of all, look at the shape of the device, it depends on how you will mount in your car. There are models which must be installed separately on a special bracket. While other devices will have to implement the details of the car such as lights or bumper.
  • An important factor in choosing this device is the viewing angle. Too narrow a viewing angle does not give a complete picture of the situation behind the situation. But to fall into the other extreme and give preference to the maximum orientation of the camera is not worth it. Indeed, in this case, you will be presented with information about many unnecessary objects. So I have to think a few seconds to focus on the core subjects.

choice back-up camera


Before you install a rear view camera on the car you have to dismantle some elements of the casing of your promotion. Get to work only if you have at least basic knowledge in device wiring. Especially important when working with plastic elements to keep calm, because haste in this matter may lead to unpleasant consequences.

First of all, you should see «front work» and set all points with snaps, and identify all fasteners. This will allow you to quickly and easily prepare your car for the installation of this device using a conventional screwdriver. In addition, it should be remembered that to carry out any work with electrical wiring of the vehicle must complete after a battery disconnect.

rear view camera

Dismantling some parts

  • First of all, you should inspect the trunk and find the best location of the input wires from the device to the machine shop. To do this, in most vehicles there are special additional plugs and you can use them for this function. But it is better to stretch the wires with the existing wiring.
  • Further, we define the place of installation of the «eye» of the camera. Typically this device is mounted in the license plate lights or directly into the bumper. Choose where to connect a rear view camera you prefer. Sometimes for those purposes necessary to carry out a thorough dismantling of the bumper, but you can limit the minimum alterations. For example, to remove plastic bar with license light. In addition, this device can be installed in the license plate frame, because most manufacturers of these items add special slots for the installation of such devices.
  • Also have to disassemble some parts that are located at the front of the car. To get access to the wiring and connect the camera to the monitor will need to dismantle the bottom of the instrument panel and the dashboard. Also, we need to pull out the receiver.

After these preparations we can proceed to the next stage of installation of this device.

installation of reversing camera

How to install a rear view camera. Step by step instructions

The process of installation of this device largely depends on the brand of car. But there are some General rules relevant to all machines. You will need:

  • Screwdriver.
  • The power drill.
  • Soldering iron.
  • Wire.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Glue.
  • Duct tape.

To start the installation process should install the peephole. If your car has special grooves for use with this device, it is necessary to pull the plugs and insert the camera into the resulting hole. If your vehicle has no such «features», then make a hole with a drill. Choose the best place to put a rear view camera. Then insert the eyelet and secure it with sealant or glue.

connecting rear view camera

In the next step you need to involve inside of the trunk wires leading from the device. Next, connect the negative Postings (black) to the weight of the car. For this purpose, any suitable mounting, is connected with the body. Just remember to clean up this place with sandpaper – this will provide the most reliable connection. Transactions with a positive charge (red) optimally connect to the reversing light. In this case, electricity will be supplied to the device only when engaging reverse gear.

Connect the camera to the monitor

At this stage, we will examine how to hold the cable from the camera to the monitor through the car. Most often this device is equipped with optimal wire length, so it’s possible you’ll find the most aesthetic way to connect. Don’t forget to attach the wire to the body in several places with masking tape. This will allow you not to worry about accidental damage or cable into the mountings.

To connect this cable with the camcorder and display will not be difficult, because it is equipped with a «Tulip» is a special connector provided for this case.

It remains only to connect the monitor to the wiring, then you can install it on the dashboard. To do this, plug the cable from the negative charge (black) to the weight of the car. This can be done in any convenient place. And positive, connect to the wire that is responsible for the tail light. You can find it under the dashboard, in the area of the gearshift lever. The display device can be attached to the control panel with screws, but it is better to use double sided tape.

connecting a reversing camera

Check the work


After completion of all installation work, it is necessary to check the correct operation of the camera. In order to do this you need to connect the battery, then start the car and select reverse. If the display will be a picture with the camera, you can start assembling the interior. Otherwise, you should re-disconnect the battery and check wiring for proper connections.

camera for car

To cope with this task can even novice motorist. While the hand-mounting can save you a lot of time and money because you will not need to go to a repair shop and wait for the auto mechanics.

Video instruction

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