How to install driver for your laptop?

A driver is a necessary component of almost any computer technology. They need not only to video card would work correctly, but often necessary even for simple functioning mouse or keyboard. It is not surprising that many are concerned about how to install drivers for the laptop.

By itself, the driver is a special program, separate for each device. For example, their software will be sound, and even the process of reading disc. There are drivers for sound, network and graphics card and the motherboard and other components.

Most of these programs immediately laid within the system and are installed along with the Windows. However, sometimes the person lacks some drivers, and they tend to become obsolete. All this leads to the fact that sometimes people have to search for and install the necessary programs.

how to install driver for laptop

Handling discs

If it turned out that the laptop is actually not the correct driver, the easiest way to solve the problem of the use of special installation disks. Usually they are sold together with the device itself, if it already has an operating system. The installation process is quite similar in different versions of Windows, although sometimes there are some differences.

How to install drivers on a laptop:

  • The disc is placed in the drive.
  • On the screen appears the setup menu. In the case of the eighth Windows, is a small message that appears in the corner.
  • Select from the list the program is installed.


  • In some cases, this menu is not displayed on the screen. It can be invoked manually. To do this, open Computer and choose where you insert a disc and download the correct file. As a rule, it is called autorun or setup, but the resolution is always exe.


  • Further, the constituent process can look a little different. Sometimes the operating system decides which programs to download, and all is as simple as clicking the «Install»button.
  • In other cases it is necessary to specify what exactly you need to put on the laptop.
  • When will direct download, the screen will appear a variety of messages. Time, the system may offer to download something from the network. It is also necessary to agree to get the most of the new and full driver on your laptop.

In addition to the messages, the system is rebooting, and not one. Often after the next Windows startup shows Windows process continued, but in fact it still is, just hidden from sight. You need to wait until the monitor appears a message that says that all the software was loaded.

Is there a way to check, is being installed. For this you need to look at the hard disk indicator. Frequent blinking will say that the process is still ongoing. In addition, the task Manager, which is invoked by the key combination Ctrl, Alt and Delete, also show the installation in the list of current processes. After all is finished, the laptop will be the necessary drivers.

the hard disk drive indicator

Official website

Another easy, quick and reliable method. All programs necessary for operation of laptops available on the official websites of their manufacturers. If you do not have a disk, or just do not want to understand that what you are installing, you can seek the help of the Internet.

However, this method has a small catch – in order to get to the official site, you need to know the model of your device. As a rule, the full name can be found somewhere on the case or the battery, but there is another way.

  • Using start and Run, or a combination of Win and R, the command prompt opens.
  • It is necessary to enter wmic csproduct get name, then click on the OK button or press Enter.

the command row

As a result, the screen will appear a black window where the white letters, the word Name will indicate the required model laptop. This name and need to use to find the site and install the program.

  • Opening the correct page, you will find a section with drivers. For each manufacturer and model, all may look different, but generally, you should look for «Support» or «Drivers».
  • Further, you usually need to specify the version of the operating system that you are going to download the program. In addition, need and capacity. It is always possible to check. To do this, go to My computer, right click on free space and select Properties. The window will graph a System where, in addition to assessing the performance of the processor and memory, is and system type – 32 or 64.
  • When the required information is provided, the website will have the drivers available to install.

If the operating system on the laptop is changed, it is better to first install all programs needed for the older version, and then see what else is new. Sometimes to select the correct driver needs to know not only the laptop model, but also what specific video card or network adapter.


Boot from the disk without the installer

If there is no access to the Internet and the installation disk does not want to run, then start the process using device Manager. It is also useful if the program does not install everything that I want, and offers only what he wants.

  • Device Manager opens in different ways. Often simply click on the icon My Computer or Start menu, right-click. The result will be a list in which the selected Control point.


  • A window will appear with the list on the right side, usually near the middle, is section of device Manager.

device Manager

  • In Windows 8, the item appears immediately when you press the analog Trigger to right click.

Windows 8

  • After open the required window, it is necessary to find the section Other devices. Inside it can be icons, next to which is the exclamation point. This usually means that need to install drivers.

the device

  • If such icons are present, then they need to click with the right mouse button and select «Update driver software».


  • After that, the system will give the options of search type. Press the searches on the computer.


The result will be the string in which you have to specify the path to the installation disk and click on OK. If the necessary programs, then start installing them. So you need to perform for each icon with an exclamation point.

There are laptops that do not have a connector for drives. In order to install the driver, you will have to throw them on a flash drive. Also sometimes necessary programs are already in some folder on your hard drive. Then you can use the method above, but will need to specify the path to the drive and to the folder.

the way

Creating a restore point

After all necessary programs are downloaded from the Internet, you need to install them correctly. The basis process is in the right order. Besides, before you begin, you should create a restore point. It will help to avoid problems in case if driver installation will damage the status of the computer.

Of course, the restore point will not protect different files, like movies or music, but will help save the most important thing. Consider the process of its creation on the example of the Windows 7 operating system.

  • First, you need to enable «system Protection». This is done through My computer (click right button), or use a combination of Win and Pause key. In the window select «Properties».
  • On the left is a graph Protection system.

system protection

  • In the security Settings will be visible, active system or not.
  • You need to click on «Customize» and in the window you can choose different configurations, but, as a rule, it is better not to touch anything. Just make sure that the mode is not disabled.
  • Next, indicate how many percent of the space to give a recovery point. There should be no less than fifteen. Here you can remove the old point, if they were created.

After this, go to the Create button. Point is specified any name, then only save it and in this process to be completed. You can return to work with drivers.

recovery point

How to install driver for your laptop?

Usually, the programs which is downloaded from official website of laptop are already in the order in which they should be installed. However, it is useful to verify the correct location.

  1. The first are the updates for the operating system, and then smaller components.
  2. Drivers, chipset (chipset).
  3. The disk controller.
  4. Software for the built-in graphics card.
  5. The drivers for your graphics card and sound card.
  6. Network card.
  7. Software for Wi-fi, Bluetooth and USB.
  8. Driver for card reader and webcam.
  9. Files to use the keyboard and touchpad.

After all will be put in the right order, you can use the method of installation, see «Booting from the disk without installer». In the destination path will need to specify the location where you saved the downloaded driver.

Finally, to install the software on your laptop you can use special utilities that independently search and download all required. However, to be confident in the safety process, it is better to use one of the methods listed above.


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