How to insert a presentation?

Anyone who has ever worked with PowerPoint, faced with the question of how to insert a presentation. At first glance it may seem that this is a very difficult task. But it’s not.

PowerPoint Presentation

The use of funds PowerPoint

You can insert one presentation into another using the tools in PowerPoint:

  • In PowerPoint, open the slide in which you plan to put another presentation. To quickly find the desired slide, locate the menu bar «View» and select the «slide Sorter»
  • Click on the «Insert» tab and click «Object»
  • Select «Create from file». Use the icon «Browse» to find the presentation that you decided to post in another presentation. After that confirm your choice by pressing «OK». After that, the presentation will be on the slide as an additional window


Playback settings

Presentation, added after the above action may be played on click or automatically. Want to weight happened without your participation, that is, automatically? To do this simply:

  • If you have a version of PowerPoint 2007, select the menu item «Animation» and go to «Settings». Stop your choice on the attached presentation and click «Add effect», then click «Actions with objects» and click on the row Show
  • If you are using a version 2010-2013, click on the window-sill attached the presentation by highlighting it. Then also, as in the first case, find it in the menu the string «Animation» and click «Settings». Select the column of «OLE Command» and click on item Show. Thus check that in the «Beginning» in the start options were «After previous»


Use iSpiring Suite

Also you can place one presentation to another using a technology iSpiring. Presentation converted to a Flash/Html5while retaining all the functions and layout.

Using iSpiring Suite, you save space on the slide. You have the right to place an additional presentation where you want. However, she will not close the slide, making its contents unreadable. The presentation will be a compact item that you can easily move. It will be run at a single click the mouse when you need it.


Transformation of element PowerPoint to Flash makes it universal. You can embed it in your website or blog, and also add in the system of distance learning. In the process of converting the quality is not changing. All pictures, links and overall design presentation remain unchanged.



The insertion of using iSpiring Suite

If you want to learn how to put one presentation to another using iSpiring, follow the algorithm:

  • In the editor iSpiring transform the presentation that you need to add in the main, Html format menu of PowerPoint, select iSpiring Suite and click «Publish.» Open the Web and hit Ctrl+C when you select the address of the document in the «Local folder» under the menu item «Home» iSpiring Suite
  • Use the mode transformation for mobile devices (Html5). The presentation can be viewed on tablets and smartphones. In the appeared menu, select the player you want to use to control the element, click the icon of «Publish» to complete the conversion process
  • Open your keynote presentation and insert extra as a Web object. To do this in the menu section iSpiring Suite click on the Web button, find the path to the file, use the «Browse» button to insert the directory path that you copied earlier. Open the folder marked Web
  • Open the file called Index. Tick the «include all files» checkbox. Click on the «OK» button. A Web object will be placed in the presentation

iSpiring Suite

To see what of all this happened, click on «Preview» in the menu section iSpiring Suite. Don’t forget to select «View all slides».

Insert one presentation into another is quite simple, if you carry out all actions consistently and do not deviate from the plan.

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