As quickly and correctly induce vomiting

Vomiting is a very unpleasant process that causes a lot of negative emotions and feelings. But this phenomenon is one of the few, which a person can control. After all, there are situations when may cause nausea and vomiting is essential. We are talking about the cases of intoxication or, if necessary, clean the stomach, any intestinal disease.

How to invoke the gag reflex

First aid

Anyone familiar with some situations in which it is imperative to quickly and correctly can cause a gag reflex. These cases include:

  • Food poisoning substandard or expired products.
  • Alcoholic intoxication.
  • Overeating.

In addition, one of the most common cases when you need to induce vomiting quickly and immediately, there are children’s curiosity. We all know that kids are constantly trying to «the world». And as for young children it is quite difficult to follow and often dangerous situations arise when the child tries drugs or washing powder. In these cases you should immediately call the doctor at home, but also to his arrival to trigger a gag reflex.

How to cause nausea and vomiting

How to induce vomiting after eating

There are many simple ways in which you can trigger vomiting and nausea. Thus, before invoking this reflex should drink maximum amount of water. To do this, boil and cool a little three liters of drinking water. Next, you need to drink the entire amount, or at least more than half.

vomiting after eating


You should feel a feeling of full stomach, and this is one of the main motivating factors. After that the process will be much easier, whichever method you chose.

One of the most effective and quick ways to induce vomiting is the mechanical method, using conventional fingers. It is a proven tool known to almost all, and is to irritation of the tongue root, which in turn, provokes the occurrence of spasms in the stomach. The use of foreign objects alternatively the fingers is highly undesirable, because this way it is possible to injure a throat.

Whichever way you did not try to induce vomiting, it is possible to speed up the process. To do this, use your imagination, and imagine ugly phenomenon or very unappetizing dish, in General, everything that makes you sick. This will focus the details of your fantasies, because they will help you to achieve faster results.

Caused dizziness

Another quick way to induce vomiting at home is a provocation of dizziness. For this fit normal swing. If you do not have access to the Playground, or your not wanting to scare kids through their actions, one can induce dizziness and home. To do this, wander around its axis for a while. To succeed requires that the entire process took place as quickly as possible and do not forget to shake your head in different directions – this will trigger the necessary reflex.

How to induce vomiting

How to induce vomiting with the help of medical drugs

Mechanical method is good, if a person has a reaction to it. But how to induce vomiting if the two fingers don’t work? In this case, can help some medical drugs:

  • Apomorphine.
  • Of levodopa.
  • Amitin.
  • Litorin.

These drugs are contraindicated for pregnant and lactating mothers. Also you shouldn’t take want to lose weight – the constant and systematic use of these pills will lead to very unpleasant consequences.

How to induce vomiting at home

Even some drugs help to provoke vomiting, are derivatives of opioidov, or morphine pills. A side effect of this drug is addictive.

Antidepressants «Floxacin» and «Paroxetine», as well as heart medications, for example, «Digoxin» help to cause a gag reflex.

It is important to remember that taking any medications it is necessary not only to strictly comply with all the requirements of the user, but be sure to consult with your doctor.

Folk remedies

One of the most proven ways call nausea water with dissolved in it with baking soda. This «solution» is often used when a person has no basic «gag instincts, for example, in alcoholics or in patients with bulimia. But he’s also good for simple cleansing of the stomach. Algorithm of actions:

  • Dissolve two teaspoons of baking soda in two liters of drinking water.
  • Drink the resulting «solution» quick and big gulps.
  • Hold water in the stomach at least three minutes.

A similar method should be applied only in the most severe cases, when there is no other way. Because soda can damage all the organs of digestion, including the stomach lining.

When you need to induce vomiting

There are still many people ways to help with the challenge to the gag reflex. These include:

  • Calamus Root. In order to induce vomiting by using this medicinal plant it is necessary to drink about a litre of strong infusion of this herb and massage the language. This cleaning method is particularly useful in the treatment of infections of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Hot tea with salt. This drink will help to quickly trigger the necessary vomiting, having to do heavily with saline solution. To succeed, you must drink at least a liter of «drink».
  • A solution of potassium permanganate. Consumption of this drink» is considered one of the best ways to challenge a gag reflex. Thus the main thing not to overdo with the content of the substance in water. The correct solution should be slightly pink.
  • Strong tea with milk.
  • A few tablespoons of soapy water.
  • Inchallenge vomiting you can use toothpaste. For this you need to eat one teaspoon of this substance, or mix it in water and then drink the resulting solution.

How to induce vomiting in a child

At the first sign of food or other poisoning of the baby, it is necessary to call «ambulance». But before arrival of doctors you need to induce vomiting in a child, because the sooner you begin the detoxification process, the less impact waiting for you in the future. To do this, put the baby on his lap or on the couch so that the head of the scraps hanging down. Next, gently insert the fingers into the throat of the child and encourage the basis of language. This way you induce vomiting in your baby.

How to induce vomiting in a child

In any cases, you should not induce vomiting

All of the above methods are good when you need to quickly trigger the gag reflex and thus facilitate the patient’s condition. But there are a few cases where induce vomiting is not recommended and even forbidden. To this list can be attributed to poisoning with such substances:

  • Kerosene.
  • Petrol.
  • Diesel fuel.
  • Poison cauterizing action.

In these cases, it is not necessary to take the initiative, and it is better to immediately call an ambulance. In addition, it is not recommended to provoke a gag reflex in a person who is unconscious. This can lead to asphyxiation from vomit. If this situation occurred, and were poisoned and lost consciousness, it must be put to one side and urgently contact the hospital.

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