How to increase the pressure?

Often, when it comes to changes in blood pressure, people try to reduce it. High blood pressure is common, but the problems with low say not so much. However, hypotensive patients suffer no less, and it is important to know how to increase the pressure.

how to increase the pressure


Unfortunately, the only way to know if the pressure is low or high, is to use the tonometer. The fact that in both cases the symptoms are very similar, and the same symptoms can indicate different variants of pathology.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to know the key symptoms in order for their occurrence to measure the pressure and take certain measures. Signs of hypotension include:

  • Weakness and fatigue, lack of strength.
  • Headaches in the area of the head.
  • Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath.
  • Heavy sweating, shortness of breath.
  • Dizziness when lifting.
  • Nausea, possible vomiting.

low pressure

How to increase the pressure?

To do this simply at home and, unlike high-pressure, medicines are not required.

  • The best known way to increase blood pressure is to drink a Cup of coffee. However, as a rule, caffeine only for a while solves the problem, as soon as the pressure falls again.


  • Can help food that contains salt. Hypotensive recommended to eat cheese sandwiches and also pistachios and pickles.
  • Tasteless, but effective option – a pinch of salt you want to dissolve without water.
  • If the pressure drops relatively often, it is possible in advance to prepare a special infusion of cinnamon. It consists of a glass of hot water, ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon and two spoons of honey. You can drink in the morning or in the evening if in the stomach no food. Itself cinnamon and honey can also act as a remedy for low pressure.
  • How to increase pressure with herbs? You can mix the tincture of ginseng, schisandra chinensis and Rhaponticum. Add 35 drops in a glass of water. This tool should not be used in the evening.
  • Among the tablets, you can use ascorbic acid and compressed dry tea.

Actions to raise pressure

To increase its pressure, not necessarily something you do certain actions. For example, can help a douche, but you need to be careful and run it by all the rules.

Helps to solve the problem of yoga, one type of exercise can increase the pressure and the other reduced. You need to choose the right options.

Overall, physical activity has beneficial effects on health, and, in the long run, can greatly reduce problems with the pressure. So you should pick up a long set of workouts yoga or any other type of load.

It should also establish your diet. If it will be full of healthy food like fruits rich in iron, liver and buckwheat, it will have a positive impact on health.

yoga for pressure

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