How to increase Internet speed?

It’s hard to find someone who would be always happy with the speed of your Internet. Surely everyone at least once in my life complained that the film loads slowly, or not open the page in a social network. So many wonder how to increase Internet speed.

First and foremost, you must understand that you can’t just, out of nowhere, to obtain an increase in network health. There are no methods to bypass the limitations set by the service provider. So, if you want to increase the speed of the Internet, you need to activate another plan.

However, very often the network is not used at full capacity, because it is hampered by various factors. In wrestling with them and are methods of increasing Internet speed.

how to increase Internet speed

Verifying your connection

In order to improve the speed of the Internet, it is important to ensure that it is where to improve. For this you need to compare the existing connection offered by the provider with the one specified in the documentation.

  • The test can be done easily using the many free sites available on the Internet. Just type in the search corresponding to the query and select the appropriate resource.
  • You cannot trust the very first result obtained during the test. It is better to repeat the test several times and use other websites to get a rough idea about the speed of the Internet. This is due, primarily, to the fact that it can change during verification, the performance utilization of the website.
  • Sometimes in order to find the speed, you need to download some programs and plugins. With them should be careful as it might be malware, but often, these utilities provide a more reliable result, as less tied to online processes.
  • Resources are sometimes asked to specify the server. You should choose the one that is closest to the place where is the computer on which you checked the Internet.

After the data is received, it is necessary to compare them with the stated speed. You can see it in the documentation issued by the provider, and call service providers to ask directly. If the deviation is obvious, it is necessary to find out the cause of this.

It is worth remembering that the provider will say about the maximum possible speed, but in fact, the Internet always works on average. Finally, if all indicators were quite true, it is necessary to check the emergence of new tariff plans provider. They never report the more lucrative offers that appear over time.

the speed test

How to increase Internet speed?

If there is a noticeable decline in the speed of the Internet, you can do a number of different moves that could restore value averages. First and foremost, you need to try to restart various devices.

  • If the network is through the modem, you must disconnect and then connect again. Routers and other devices equipped with a special button to restart, which should be treated. It is best to fully turn the equipment off, wait for 30 seconds and return to their seats.

If that doesn’t work, you need to think about what may disturb the fast work of the network. Here we should consider two key features:

  • The Internet can interfere with the conflicting signals. For example, they can originate from cordless phone or wireless camera. As a rule, if the frequency of the devices is 2.4, the connection speed slows down. To prevent the work including surveillance cameras. Typically, the frequency of 900 MHZ does not affect the operation of the network.
  • The second common reason of falling of the Internet exhaustion of the traffic. If the tariff plan is not unlimited, it is necessary to watch how to count megabytes and, if necessary, in time to replenish them.

Often to know the exact reason for the slow performance only by using a call provider. He will be able to assess the condition of the network and to offer workarounds.

the reset button

What else can I do to improve?

Sometimes people just don’t know what consumed a large part of the speed of the Internet. Worth checking out, not consumed in the network to upload and download files of significant size. Better to check not only the main computer that lost Internet access, but also any other devices within the network.

Sometimes to improve the speed of the Internet allow the mechanical actions with the router and the router. For example, they should occasionally be cleaned of dust, to improve the stability of operation and protection from overheating. Then it is better to think well about their location.

  • First, the closer the device to the PC or laptop, the better it will transmit a signal.
  • In addition, the router must be located so that it is well ventilated. It will in addition protect your equipment from possible overheating.

Sometimes you can still see the Internet connected to the splitter. It looks like a small box of cables for a landline phone. Worth checking out its condition to improve the speed of the Internet.


What else affects speed?

For anybody not a secret that many of the waves is affected by rain, snow and other similar events. Sometimes, in order to increase the speed of the Internet, it is enough to wait for good weather. Should also regularly check your computer for viruses. For example, you can use the free utility Dr. Web. Its new version should be regularly downloaded from the official website in order to run another test.

Of course, we can’t just use the utility, it is important to protect your personal computer and other devices licensed antivirus program. It will independently monitor the viruses, but sometimes it is better to run the scan manually.

Sometimes the problem is not the speed of the Internet itself, and how it works with a particular browser. To establish the situation, eliminating unnecessary toolbars or run a different browser.

doctor web

Serious measures

If, despite everything, the network is not getting better, you have to turn to more serious measures. For example, the case can help clean up your hard disk. It is best to ensure that it always remained free about fifteen percent of the space. Crammed discs affect the performance of the entire computer.

Besides, it is necessary to regularly clean and optimize your cache. In each browser, this process happens in different ways, so it’s best just to use the program Ccleaner. It will hold cleaning and also to remove other unnecessary system files.

Sometimes you can use another wifi channel. For this you need to install a program insider, or if you are using a Mac, KisMac. With their help, will be able to choose another, less congested Wi-Fi channel, and thus increase the speed of the Internet.

Finally, you should consider modernization of various devices. Sometimes it is enough just to update the firmware of the router using the files on the official website of the device, and sometimes it is better to buy additional RAM. Upgrades may require the router itself if it is old enough. In this case it is better to buy a new model.

If possible, you should use the Wi-Fi network, and direct connection via cable. This will increase both the stability and speed of the Internet.


The increase in throughput

Windows operating system always reserves about twenty percent of the speed of the Internet. It is therefore not reached the maximum value, which is usually said providers. However, there is a method that eliminates this restriction. However, it is best left to experienced PC users.

  • First you need to press Win and R to display the special window.
  • In the box fits the phrase gpedit.msc, and then press OK.

the command row

  • In the result the screen will display the group policy window. Have to pretty deep to dig. For starters, you need to find Settings, then go to Administrative templates, then to get to the folder Network and from there to the QoS packet Scheduler.
  • There’s something, finally, to the graph, which is responsible for the restriction. You need to go to the «Limit reservable bandwidth».


  • Bottom left should be set at zero percent, just above to select the item to Include.

to remove the restriction

  • After this will only apply your changes and close the window by button OK.

After that, it is better to perform some checking to ensure the correct operation of the system. Via start need to open the computer settings and find the box management of networks being shared. Inside to the right will indicate the name of the connection and it is necessary to press.



  • The bottom box is the Properties button.
  • Pressing it will open another window where you need to check point QoS packet Scheduler.

If on the contrary it is checked, you will only have to do a reboot of the system and the process to be completed.


Video instruction

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