How to increase hemoglobin

Hemoglobin – protein animals, which contains large amounts of iron. It is reduced when the body receives a very small amount of iron. This leads to dryness of the skin, a painful condition, hair fall out, break nails. Every person needs to know how to increase hemoglobin in the blood, because they depend on it all the vital processes.

How to increase hemoglobin

Hemoglobin is responsible for blood circulation, has an inverse connection with oxygen. With its lack we may encounter various unpleasant situations, such as the weakness and rapid fatigue, apathy, drowsiness, impaired coordination, reduced pressure.

The rate of hemoglobin

To find out your hemoglobin, it is necessary to take a blood test. The figures for men and women are different, it is necessary to pay particular attention to:

  • For women – 120-140 g/L.
  • For men 130-160 g/l.

These figures may vary depending on individual circumstances. In the case of non-compliance with the norm, may experience a variety of symptoms, such as:

  • Dizziness.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Internal depression.
  • Frequent cramps in the lower extremities.
  • Fatigue.

To take independent action and to appoint a specific diet is not recommended, because you first need to pass a full examination by a specialist who will be able to determine what you can do in this situation.

hemoglobin in women

If you see that you have multiple symptoms of reduced hemoglobin should immediately consult a doctor and pass the appropriate tests that will confirm or, on the contrary, to refute your danger.

Causes of low hemoglobin

The hemoglobin may be reduced for several reasons, first and foremost, it should be noted that the intake of inadequate amounts of iron. In this case, you should completely revise your diet to include foods that contain iron. It is also worth eliminating from the diet what does not bring you any good but only fills the stomach.

Often the cause of low hemoglobin can be the consequences of medical intervention, it can be surgery, childbirth, abortion. All surgical interventions with a large loss of blood can cause a sharp decline in hemoglobin in the blood. Very often reasons are also called a blood disorder, this should talk with your haematologist.

Increase the hemoglobin properly

It is first necessary to increase hemoglobin through diet, including foods with a high amount of iron. In such cases, the physicians prescribe for each individual a diet to be followed after a certain time can lead to a good result. Specialists often recommend to use two versions of current diet: with the presence of large amounts of iron and folic acid.

Let’s look at products with the presence of large amounts of iron.

This primarily meat products, it is best to the diet include beef. Also make a habit to always add to salad lemon juice which consists of beneficial iron. To contribute to the rapid absorption of iron, you need to eliminate from your diet coffee and tea because these drinks are only slowing down these processes. Also pay great attention to the fact that people who have a reduced level of haemoglobin, should be easy to relate to all dairy products. Milk blocks the absorption of iron in the blood, that is why there is a sharp decrease in hemoglobin.

increased hemoglobin

Folic acid is found in green plants, which is why you should definitely include in your diet all salads, consisting of such plants as parsley, celery, spinach, cabbage and more. Also, a large amount of folic acid is found in carrots, cucumbers, beets.

Very important tip: to retain a sufficient amount of folic acid in green plants, they should be protected from thermal treatment, using exclusively fresh. If you want to bring vegetables, the most, buy them in the morning. The products purchased on the evening, morning, already will not contain all of the useful components, given that they whole day spent in the market.

There are many ways to increase hemoglobin in the blood, but the most effective and useful is all the same diet. It must be composed exclusively by professionals who are well versed in all the nuances and can give good advice. To increase hemoglobin not difficult if you follow all the rules and advice of experts.

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