How to improve memory and attention

People sometimes catch yourself thinking that you don’t remember the names of the friends, the birthdays of their loved ones, the events of recent days. At such moments comes the realization that memory something wrong. This is not a disaster, because of tips and recommendations on how to improve memory, enough.

How to improve memory?

When the skill of remembering and storing information worse need to know the methods, using which the memory will be better. How to improve memory are discussed below.

how to improve memory

The process of memory development is not too complicated, rather, it is quite pleasant. Recommendations on the development of memory:

  • Exercise. According to the latest research in biology, during sport exercises aktiviziruyutsya those brain cells responsible for memory and learning. Especially effective in this regard running. Scientists have found that while running, in addition to activation of memory cells in a human increases the level of spatial orientation.
  • Eat blueberries. Blueberry is a berry, which not only improves vision, but also a very positive effect on memory and memory function. Note that frozen blueberries do not lose its properties, so that development of memory, you can freeze berries for the winter.
  • Eat more sweet. Researchers from Glasgow found that glucose, which is contained in the sweets, has a direct impact on memory function, and the glucose, respectively, leads to a deterioration of memory. The experiment was conducted on students, which showed that drinking a jar of sweet water in front in pairs, the students were shown in the classroom improve memory by 17%.
  • Get enough sleep. Restful sleep is the key to not only the morning of vivacity and good mood, but also memory improvement. Harvard study confirmed that people who sleep well have a memory of several orders of magnitude higher than those who suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep.
  • Take breaks. Doing the same thing for a long time, not only can impair memory function, but also make you dumber. In Europe, these breaks are called coffee breaks. Doing the accounts at work, for example, for every hour take a break for 10-15 minutes. Being distracted, you give the brain the opportunity to switch to something else, thereby to relax. Returning to the previous activity, you will not be able to notice improvement in concentration and memory.
  • Drink more tea and coffee. Acetylcholine, which is contained in tea, has a positive effect on our memory. But caffeine is able to restore the brain, also affecting the memorization of information.
  • Eat low-calorie food. Scientists from münster found that low calorie food helps to improve memory function, in contrast to the high-calorie foods.
  • More magnesium. Magnesium is the substance that gives amazingly fast impact on the ability of remembering. Magnesium is contained in beans, nuts, certain fruits and vegetables.

ways to improve memory

How to train your memory?

Those who have trouble remembering, have to know how to train the memory. The following are recommendations for memory training:

  • Read books. While reading, the brain learns to read the information. Reading constantly, can significantly increase the chances of improving memory. Plus reading is what you learn and at the same time learn new words. Your vocabulary increases, the level of knowledge increases and memory improves. Books – great coaches to improve memory;
  • Solve puzzles, solve problems. On the Internet lots of puzzles and logic problems to develop logical thinking and intelligence, but solving all this, you can improve memory, because during the solution of the problem, connections between neurons are strengthened, and this contributes to a better memorization and learning.
  • Learn poetry. In studying a subject, we train the memory function. It is possible to teach not only poetry, but some of the text of the play or favorite quotes. Such training not only enhances memory, but also a way to spend time.
  • Do some math. Mathematics is precisely the science that makes our brain work as efficiently as possible. Try to solve mathematical examples of multiplication and division of two-digit numbers addition and subtraction of three-digit numbers. Such training in a short time can not only improve brain function, but also memory.
  • Start learning a new language. Perhaps one of the most effective methods of memory training. A day to remember at least ten new words. The results will not keep itself waiting long.

memory training

How to improve memory and attention?

Here are tips on how to improve memory and attention in a short time:

  • Move on to something new. When you get out of your everyday routine, your brain will look at things differently. Allow your brain to relax from everyday life and to Express themselves in something new. Start doing something that did not. For example, go to psychological training, prepare meat pie or sign up for sewing courses.
  • Start to speak aloud the latest developments. For example, you can tell someone about how things went yesterday. At the time of the verbalization of information, you stimulate your brain and thus improve memory function.
  • Turn on the imagination. Try with maximum efficiency to get your brain to work. Be creative, imagine anything. Try to draw what I think, share this with your family, tell us about the picture and tell what was in your head in a moment of fantasy.
  • Do some needlework. Making something with your hands, you can not only useful and fun, but also to strengthen the brain and memory.

books to improve memory

Do not neglect these tips. To develop the memory of every person, because of how good it will be depends on the duration of conscious and understands life.

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