How to improve eyesight at home?

Computers and smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We are looking at the monitor for several hours a day, so the eye strain is very large. The number of people who have falls visual acuity, increases exponentially. Many people want to know how to improve eyesight at home to get rid of glasses and forget about contact lenses.



Visual acuity depends on our daily diet. In order to clearly see the world, include in menu, healthy vegetables and berries:

  • Vegetables rich in vitamin A. The most popular fruits include carrots. It is useful in raw, when cooked it lost a third of nutrients. Raw carrots need to grate or chop with a blender. Herbalists also recommend eating dried leaves.

Beta-carotene prevents disease of the organs of vision, is a fat soluble element. So he benefited, he needs to interact with fats. Therefore, the carrot salad should be eaten with cream, sour cream or butter.


The scientists also found that beta-carotene is better absorbed with vitamin C Is. From this we can conclude that the carrot salad is better to complement the apples. Include this dish in your generated diet, and soon you will feel that the world around purchased clarity

  • Berries. Everyone knows that blueberries are very useful for vision. And indeed it is. If you want to see better, use every day not less than 40 grams of fresh blueberries. If the berry season has passed, can use dried or frozen blueberries and the leaves.

Blueberries with leaves (40 g) pour in boiling water (800 grams), put on a small fire and cook for 7 minutes. Then the broth strain and put in a spoonful of honey. Drink a healing drink three times a day one glass. Also very useful cranberries, it can be brewed to the same recipe. Well affect vision infusions of rose hips and hawthorn, as well as decoctions of mint, calendula


Bates Method

The eyes need exercises. To begin the exercise, take the correct posture: you should sit down and put your palms flat on the table. Elbows should not droop. Straighten your back to improve blood supply. Now to the brain will do the necessary amount of blood. Proceed to the gym, which was invented by Bates.


This method is called «Palming»:

  1. Relaxation. Calm the nervous system. Do not tense the hands and shaking hands. Then you should RUB your palms and fingers together. Imagine that the hands full of energy
  2. Massage the eye. Close your eyes and gently tap with fingers to the eyes, covering them with the palms

The algorithm should be repeated several times. You relax, drop from his shoulders the burden of the day and all problems. Eyes will rest and restock spent energy


Gymnastics for the eyes

There is another set of exercises for training vision, which includes simple sequence of movements:

  1. Sit up straight on a comfortable chair, open your eyes and raise your eyes up as high as you can. Keep them in this position for 5 seconds, then lower
  2. Move your eyes to the side, and then return the gaze to the nose, then look alternately at the upper-left point and then the bottom right
  3. Do the eyes of five circular movements in a clockwise direction
  4. Again make the movement diagonally, but now look in the upper right corner, and then shift your gaze to the lower left area
  5. The last exercise from the list – motion counter-clockwise

These exercises should be repeated 8 times a day, then you will feel what the effect is.


Healthy habits

  1. Eliminate the lack of light in the evenings. Do not save on electricity, late into the evenings with a book under the light. Turn on the overhead light. However, its excess can also harm, so everything is good in moderation
  2. Try to arrange your workspace so that falls from the window in natural light. Discard blinds and fluorescent lighting. Clean the house massive curtains, replace them with lightweight tulle. It is not necessary to include the chandelier, if it is a Sunny day. Just let natural light to your house or office
  3. Between eyes and book or a tablet should be a distance of not less than 20 cm


Follow these simple rules and your vision will improve.

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