How to hide friends in the VC?

Born in 2006, during its existence, the social network Vkontakte has gained immense popularity. Her audience is people of all ages, professions and social classes. In Russia, it is difficult to find someone who at least once did not come to this website, and even harder to find those who have not heard about it. Among the modern users increasingly began to be a question how to hide friends in the VC.

how to hide friends in the VC

Why is it necessary?

The reasons for such action can be varied. Some hide one particular person from another, others do not want to show someone everything. There are persons who wish to make invisible all your friends to no one no one else knew.

Privacy settings

privacy settings

Fortunately, the functionality of this social network allows enough flexibility to perform a variety of privacy settings. After the design refresh, which occurred in 2016, to access the settings click on your name in the upper right corner and choose the appropriate option.

On the page of the selected graph «Privacy». Here you can specify people who can view basic information (you can also choose all or none at all), photos, videos, groups and many account components.

How to hide friends in the VC?

In the list settings, in the «My page», towards the end of the list is the string «who is seen in the list of my friends and subscriptions». After clicking on the adjacent column will open a list of all the people you can hide, or Vice versa – again to make visible.

If you want to remove individuals, you should find them in the opened window and put a tick. Search perhaps by typing in a name in the corresponding row.

Once all of the necessary personality will be marked, you should click «save changes».

VK also gives you the option to hide the person from whom in particular. For this you need to use the line «Who can see my hidden friends». It allows you to specify only themselves, that is the account owner, and then hidden pages no one will see. You can make a list of exceptions, or make it so that a hidden person will be invisible only for one.

How to hide friends in the VC is a simple question, but before doing that, you should think about the reasons. Wouldn’t it be easier not to be friends with? Or perhaps you should think about those who need someone to hide. Anyway, the privacy settings will help solve the problem.


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