How to hang Wallpaper?

Probably everyone thought about how to hang Wallpaper. Because this process is quite time-consuming. Without special skills to finish work efficiently will not be easy. If you decide to pokleit Wallpaper, then this article will be useful. So, where to start?

Preparation of walls

The first step to proper finishing of the walls is the removal of old materials. It will depend on how carefully and correctly you will find new Wallpapers. Some people wonder about how pokleit Wallpaper on Wallpaper.

how to hang Wallpaper

If you decide to glue the Wallpaper on the Wallpaper, then be prepared for the fact that the new Wallpaper can be degraded. This is due to the fact that the old Wallpaper can begin to move away from the walls in the most unwanted time. Also the drawings on the old Wallpaper can Shine through, and this, too, will grieve you. However, to glue the Wallpaper to the Wallpaper is recommended, if the walls are covered with varnish or oil paint. In this case, the Wallpaper will stick better.

Back to the training walls. All walls must be well cleaned and aligned. To dub them, you can use putty and plaster. These works should be carried out properly, with the use level. The slightest deviation from the norm can lead to tragic consequences. You must also remember that if you decide to glue bright Wallpaper, the walls have to handle the white plaster walls to be not shone.



Now in stores sold a dirt mixture, which must be applied to the walls before gluing the Wallpaper on them. The primer helps to improve the coupling quality of the walls that will hold the Wallpaper as long as possible. Also, thanks to primer the walls are not moist, which is important. Never forget about the primer and pasting the Wallpaper, otherwise they will move away from the wall very quickly.

Wall papering

When the primer has dried, you can begin to wallpapering. For this cook:

  • pencil;
  • stationery knife;
  • rubber spatula;
  • brush for glue and the glue itself.


By this time you already had to calculate how many rolls of Wallpaper you will need. If independently to make calculations not possible, then when purchasing materials, ask to make it consultant of the hardware store.

Easier just the two of us to glue the Wallpaper to someone who kept them, and someone was scratching. Start papering from the window you need and is smoothly sent to the door. That is recommended to act professionals. Thick Wallpaper glue should butt joint and a thin overlap.

The choice of adhesive is the key to successful repair!

It is very important to choose the glue for Wallpaper correctly. This product is never cheap, because it will depend on how long the Wallpaper remain on the wall. Also, it is important to dissolve the glue. So, follow the instructions precisely when breeding and do not try to experiment.

Taping outlets


It is important to hang the socket. You should not get them, but better to do it right. To begin, remove all sockets, preliminary having disconnected an electricity. Then stick the roll of Wallpaper and find where it is outlet. If you find it, locate the upper part of the socket and make a puncture. Cut the Wallpaper in this place criss-cross and then you will be able to easily insert the socket, nothing cutting.

Wallpaper on drywall — a good decision!

If you have no time for alignment of walls, you can do it differently. Now every hardware store sells sheets of drywall. By purchasing them, you can cover all the walls of any room and make them equal. This will allow you to quickly change the room for the better and not to apply the putty and plaster. But it is worth noting that in this case the drywall will «eat» space, because it will be superimposed on the wall. You may also need to paint it white with a special paint under the Wallpaper, if they are very light in color. This is necessary to avoid x-raying the joints.

Thus, we can say that wallpapering is a laborious process that must be performed correctly. In this case, the interior of the room is beautiful and the Wallpaper will last a long time. You can entrust this work to professionals who will quickly and qualitatively pokleit Wallpaper. However, you can save money and pursue the case on their own, and may you have a wonderful work. Remember that each type of Wallpaper requires a special approach, so you need to take this into account.

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