How to grow long hair

For anybody not a secret that every girl dreams of a beautiful, big and luxurious hair. Someone they are given by nature, and who have for many years to use various tools and techniques to grow the length that you dream of. If you don’t know how to grow long hair, then you definitely need to read this article to the end. There are a lot of ways and methods that allow you to increase the length of the hair, to make hair beautiful and voluminous.

How to grow long hair

What is stopping you to grow hair?

If you want to have your hair has always been beautiful, luxurious and long, it is necessary first to determine what is the cause of why hair does not grow. Try to deal with dandruff, because it is one of the main reasons why slowing down hair growth. To care for your hair properly, it is necessary to observe the following tips that will do you good:

  • To increase hair growth and get rid of the constant split ends, be sure to visit the Barber every month and trim the ends.
  • Try to minimize the use of dryers, irons, tongs for Curling. Use them only in extreme cases, when it is really a great need. Let your hair, try to wash my hair much earlier to sleep, they were able to dry out due to the room temperature, rather than using chemical treatment.
  • If you have good natural hair color, not prone to early graying of hair, refrain from colors. Poor quality hair dye could stop the process of growth of hair for a long time.
  • Protect hair from the scorching sun. Wear a summer cap or a beautiful scarf, have your way with the help of such accessories.
  • Do not brush wet hair because this brushing will provoke excessive hair loss.
  • Sleep and eat right, it also plays an important role in the fight for hair growth.

The beauty of long hair

Proper nutrition – the key to healthy hair

It is strange, but for beauty and hair growth can affect the quality of our food. If you want hair has always been beautiful, healthy and strong, should get rid of fatty and spicy foods, fast foods, carbonated beverages. Incorporate in your life as much fruit, protein, greens, vegetables.

Proper nutrition – the key to healthy hair

In the offseason, it is possible for the application to ask for the help of medication vitamins. Today there are so many different nutrient complexes that are sure to give your body the necessary and beneficial ingredients, enriched with all important vitamins.

Long hair with massage

For anybody not a secret that every massage has a very positive impact, helping scalp and hair growth. This massage is performed with conventional mass movements on the head while washing. Also you can at any time use your fingertips to RUB into the scalp castor oil or burdock, increasing blood circulation.

Long hair with massage

Massage should start from the forehead towards the temples. With the help of fingertips performed circular movements, moving across the head. This massage is not only pleasant, but also quite effective.

Masks for hair growth

We all know that today there are quite a number of different masks that will positively influence the structure of the hair, to improve it, contributing to the rapid growth. You can spend a lot of money on professional makeup, buy a ready-made mask, which gives the desired result. But if you have no such possibility, you should definitely get acquainted with various contemporary folk methods that will provide not less than a positive effect.

  • The mask of Luke. This is an effective mask that helps to speed up hair growth due to the content in the onion a large amount of flavonoids that can improve metabolic processes. Onion juice should be well rubbed into the hair roots, put up plastic bag and pass with a mask to 60 minutes. After that, rinse the hair well with regular shampoo and dry naturally.
  • Mask of bread and beer. This mask is very effective if you are struggling with the sudden and heavy hair loss and dry skin. Take the rye bread and fill it with beer. Once the mixture dissolved, add a pinch of mustard. The resulting consistency to RUB the head, zamatyvaem hair with plastic and put a towel on top.
  • Mask from yeast. To increase the speed of hair growth, not enough to drink it pharmacy the yeast, it is necessary to do the outside of the mask to the hair. To do this, take 1 sec. L. of dry yeast and honey, 2 tsp mustard, and water. Apply the mask and held it for hours.
  • The mask of mustard. Mustard is able to provide quite a strong burning sensation on the hair. This will take 2 egg yolks and 1 sec. spoon of mustard. Rubbing all the skin, and after 40-50 minutes, wash off everything well with warm water and shampoo.

mustard mask

Use of Flaxseed oil

Many connoisseurs of beautiful and thick hair know that linseed oil contains large amounts of vitamins A, E and F. They have a positive impact on the growth of the hair, strengthen its structure and improve appearance. The oil should be applied to the entire length of hair 2-3 times a week, to survive in this state for up to 50 minutes, and then rinse with shampoo. This time will be enough to get the hair soaked in all the useful properties and vitamins, appreciated and found good appearance.

Flaxseed oil for hair

To improve the condition of the body every day to consume one teaspoon of oil. As you know, the health of the hair depends not only on external influences, but also from the power quality of digestion.

Pepper tincture for hair

Pepper tincture is the most common option for improving and accelerating hair growth. You can use the pharmacy pepper vodka, and can be done at home. But, it is worth remembering that pepper vodka own origin will have some great pepper concentration, so it is necessary to be extremely careful.

Pertseva the pills for hair

Take a ready-made pepper vodka and RUB it on dirty hair, preferably in the very roots. The first 10 minutes you can feel a strong burning sensation, but after that, the entire head will be warm. It is very important not to miss the 30 minutes after applying the pepper, this will be enough to have a positive impact. Wash off the mask with warm water

There are so many different options that help to grow beautiful and long hair. You will have to choose an effective mask or vitamins that will fit only you. Don’t be afraid to experiment, make your hair the latest and checked oils and masks, the positive effect of such treatments will not keep you waiting long. Just a few months you will feel how your hair is thick, has accelerated growth and changed the structure. You will be satisfied!

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