How to get rid of the unpleasant smell of shoes?

From human shoes can come in different fragrances – sometimes it’s the scent of leather or special skin care, but most often the situation is somewhat more negative. Often from shoes and boots out outright stink, and then the question arises, how to get rid of bad smell of footwear.

The main problem is that people don’t understand that most often the scent associated with a man’s feet, and not shoesthat he wears. Of course, there are other situations, but the most common cause of unpleasant odor is excessive sweating or stop development on them is fungal infection.

Another possible problem is a lack of Shoe care. Because of this it can start to develop microorganisms including mold. Finally, poor-quality synthetic materials sometimes smell bad themselves. Such models should just leave the store, and buy something else.

how to get rid of the unpleasant smell of shoes

Preventive tips

It is much easier to prevent occurrence of an unpleasant odor than to try to deal with it. To do this, simply follow a few preventive tips.

  • Except for the shoes, it is best to give preference and insoles made of natural materials. If it is felt that went bad aroma, they should be replaced. Some suggest to put new insoles every week.
  • Easier and probably leaking then, of course, athletic shoes. Therefore, after use it is necessary to give time to airing.
  • Moisture is a great environment for the development of the pathological microorganisms. To prevent the emergence of even a minimal amount of mold, it is important to dry shoes in case of getting wet. For this purpose, special electromusic. In extreme cases, come to the aid of the newspaper, which can be compacted into the shoes. In the case that wet winter boots, they need to give at least a day for them to completely dry.
  • It is necessary to deal with the most important aspect – unpleasant foot odor. To minimize it, it is important to follow personal hygiene and do not forget to change socks.
  • It is best to have a change of shoes and use it, for example, at work.
  • It should be of proper size to close the model would entail an increase in sweating.

Finally, another product from natural materials – not only do they not have their own smell, but they feet not the successor, and therefore not much sweat.

fresh shoes

How to get rid of the unpleasant smell of shoes?

Before turning to the common issues, is to focus on a few particular cases. For example, the smell of the boots can occur due to the activities of a favorite cat.

What to do if pet is marked shoes? The easiest way to deal with the situation, if the urine got on Slippers, sneakers or other fabric products. They can simply be rinsed and then washed off with soap or in the washer. After this will only to dry.

If the cat pee on leather products, it will need more work.

  • First, wipe the shoes with a soap solution, and then dried.
  • The next wipe should contain vinegar, lemon juice or potassium permanganate, which must be pre-mixed with water (for the ten crystals per liter).
  • After that, the shoes should be left on the air, where it should be about twelve hours.

In order to accurately get rid of the stench, it is crucial to notice the cat acts.


How to get rid of sweat smell in shoes?

Often the boots and shoes stink because feet sweat a lot. There are many methods to fight it. Best of all, of course, to think about prevention, but when this is impossible, you need to take action.

How to get rid of the unpleasant smell of shoes?

  • To solve the problem, you can use a disinfectant, namely, vodka or alcohol. If you soak them in wool, and then wipe the boots from the inside, after airing the smell will go away. A little alcohol sprinkled over the outer part of the Shoe, for example, by spray.
  • One of the most widely used methods is the use of green tea or coffee. Bags that absorb the odors, so they can be put in shoes and leave overnight. This is done with natural, pre grind coffee.
  • To eliminate odor use special solution: 2 g of potassium permanganate is added to a liter of water. This liquid rubbed the inner part. The permanganate can be easily replaced, peroxide, and it does not always need to be diluted.
  • As the absorbent element used by all known activated carbon. It crushed and poured into shoes. If you don’t want to spoil things black color, you can pre-sew the thin fabric bags.

There is another interesting method of treatment is freezing. At very low temperatures, outside the window, you can take the shoes outside and leave it for the night. Winter time easy to replace freezer of the appropriate size. Before putting the boots to a place they should be Packed in the package.

You should not use this method if you want to get rid of sweat smell in shoes. Low temperature can lead to cracking.

Shoe smell

Other methods

The ways to eliminate the smell of sweat, not the end. For example, some people use ordinary table salt. It is easy to find in any home, easily fits in the boot, but there is one drawback. Unlike most methods, a means must lie in the shoes about three days, not one night.

Baking soda is another substance, almost always found in any home. It can help to make a variety of tools to remove the stench.

  • Just enough to fill her shoes for five hours. Then shake the soda and the product is wiped.
  • In the case that the contact of the material with the substance may cause damage, it is best to sew the fabric bags, which are then placed in the front part.
  • Really make special sodas and balls. For them, in addition to the soda, you will need flour and white clay, all tablespoon. To this mixture add essential oil. The balls are put in the shoes overnight. This tool is easy to use every day.

For odor you can use natural fresheners, for example, the peel of orange, lemon or any other citrus. Usually enough to put them in the article for several hours.

Baby powder – the same method of dealing with the stench. Her sleep at night, or placed on feet before putting your shoes on. A few drops of tea tree on the walls of the shoes not only give her a night of pleasant aroma, but also eliminate bacteria.

Medicinal plants are also able to help in the fight against body odor. In addition, they will be an antibacterial agent. Usually use lavender or sage in dry and in cloth bags) placed in the shoes.


What to do with mold?

If the cause of the odor lies in the development of mold, you can use different methods of influence. They are based on the need to destroy the pathological organisms. Usually use this recipe:

  • Amazed the shoes is washed with warm soapy water.
  • The inner side of the product is treated with chlorine in dissolved form.
  • A little alcohol mixed with vodka – this team cleaned all parts of the Shoe. Vodka sometimes substitute the vinegar with a small percentage.
  • After the procedure, the product needs to be dried.

These are the basic methods to get rid of the unpleasant smell of shoes. However, the most important thing to remember about the necessity of proper care and about the basics of personal hygiene.

drying shoes

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