How to get rid of the OS?

If you’ve got wasps, don’t panic. There are several ways to say goodbye to unpleasant neighbors. How to get rid of the OS? You can use special drugs to make traps or to eliminate the nest.

How to defuse a hornet’s nest

To win in the fight with the wasps, should find their nest. It is often located in the attic, in the garage, as well as the lining from the wood. You can look on the balcony and in the basement. If you are unable to find the secret hideout of insects, the evening will follow where wasps crawl. And in the morning watch where they fly.

If you decide to remove a wasp nest, you should do it at night. At this time, the wasps, like humans, sleeping soundly. In any case, do not illuminate the nest, it will Wake insects. To navigate in the dark, get a flashlight with a red glass or make it yourself. To do this, paint the glass with a red marker. Wasps can’t see red, it will play in your favor. Just in case, put fly screens and blackout suit, protecting from bites. Don’t forget gloves and glasses.

Approaching with a red flashlight socket, quickly spray it spray against wasps. You can select the drug Dichlorvos, is an inexpensive but effective tool. One bottle will be enough for the whole nest. After spraying you have to leave immediately. To dawn part the OS will die the following night repeat the procedure if necessary.

You can use the drugs in microcapsules. Substance processed holes in the nest. Departing from it, the insects interact with poison and then infecting other canines. To highly efficient drugs of this type belongs to «Solnet», it is produced in the Netherlands. The tool does not smell, it is a big plus.

How to get rid of the OS?

Destroy the nest

When the OS almost does not remain, to destroy the nest. To do this, take a large plastic bag, put in her nest and secure the design with tape. Then cut a slot with the knife.

To be sure to destroy in the truncated den all insects, make the package small incision and enter to Dichlorvos. Leave the nest for a day. Then you burn him.

The place that housed the hive, should be treated with hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate.

If wasps made a nest on the ground, use boiling water. Boil a large bowl of water, kettle or saucepan will not be enough. Fill the socket with hot water and wait. If necessary, repeat the next day. Hanging from the den can also be destroyed through the boiling liquid. To do this, select the capacity, the size of which exceeds the area of the nest. Dip them in boiling water. Don’t forget to wear protective suit, gloves.


Trap to OS

It is set when the lair of the insects is not available. Lures should be chosen according to the season. In the spring and early June is better to use protein foods – fish and meat.

For the manufacture of traps you need to find a plastic bottle and cut her upper part, about one-third. In the lower side area make holes for ventilation. At the bottom of the fixed platform for the bait, pour soapy water. It wasps will drown. The liquid should not reach 3 cm then put the bait and attach the cut part of the bottle upside down. Having flown in such a clever design on the smell of the bait back to fly the wasp will not.

Paste OS

July wasps drawn to sweet. Simplify the trap, pour on the bottom of plastic bottles of juice, beer, syrup, diluted honey with water. The upper part, which is pre-cut, flipped and installed on the trap upside down.

When the trap is many OS, change the fluid. Insects are more inclined to fly on a fresh bait.

Wasp hive

The main thing in the fight against wasps – care and consistency.

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