How to get rid of flies

Flies – pesky insects that disturb the peace and comfort in the house, their presence must be tabletsa. As a rule, the presence of flies is observed in the warm season, because they love the sun, heat, and cold are dying. It is important to understand that the presence of flies indicates not only the lack of aesthetic side, but also on the presence of danger. If you have flies, they urgently need to get rid of.

Chemical products for getting rid of flies

For anybody not a secret that the most effective are the chemicals that cause flies high damage, instantly killing them. There are many species about which we need to talk.

how to get rid of flies

Consider the following options:

  • Aerosols

Each of us is familiar with such concepts as «Trichlorfon» and «Dichlorvos», they belong to a number of the most effective and safest means of getting rid of flies. Aerosols have a fairly simple principle, sends a jet of chemicals falling on the flies then kills them. Experts advise to use such funds only indoors because outdoors their favor instantly spent.

  • The plates from the flies

It is an innovative tool that began to use much later than the aerosols. The principle of operation is quite simple, a special device is placed plate with a chemical and a poisonous substance, vaportron. Getting on it, the insect dies in a few seconds.

flies in the house

  • Sticky tape

It sticky tapes, which are impregnated with a poisonous solution, is the most affordable and effective trap for flies. It can be hung in the room, on the street, in any enclosed space. The tape has no odor, therefore will not cause discomfort to his presence. Touching the tape, the fly immediately sticks to it and after a few seconds dies.

All these methods are very effective, they are affordable in price ranges and can be purchased at any hardware store. But they do have their disadvantages, such chemicals are not recommended for use in premises where there are small children or animals. They negatively have a negative impact.

Folk remedies

If you are not able to acquire the means of getting rid of flies in the store, you can use traditional methods that give good results and prevent the emergence of flies in the room. You can use a lot of popular recipes that are bound to give good results.

Flies really don’t like saccharin because for them it is truly white death. To use this popular method you should:

  • Take an ordinary newspaper.
  • Soak it with saccharine or honey.
  • Dry well.
  • When will attack flies, put a newspaper on the table and drip water on her.

All the flies who want to visit the newspaper, breathe the same air and within a few hours will die.

Similarly, you can kill flies, arranging in house wet cleaning, using special chemicals. Take geksahloran, dilute it in water and carefully wipe the surface of furniture. Getting on her, flies also very quick leave this world. They also don’t like drafts and cold, under these conditions, they just don’t survive. If several times a day to ventilate the room, you can easily and quickly get rid of these insects.

remedies to get rid of flies

Ultrasonic repellents today are very popular, they do not require the use of chemical agents, work very quickly and confidently. The principle is based on the fact that you are using high sound waves that are very safe for humans, unlike flies. Flies perfectly recognize such sounds, and this is not the most pleasant. Hearing the noise of the repeller, flies immediately leave the room.

You will be able to choose for themselves a convenient and affordable way of insect repellents, each of them will give you good results. Use chemicals with maximum safety, because they can cause a danger not only flies, but also family members.

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