How to get rid of ants in the apartment

Ants in the apartment – it is a common phenomenon which occurs very early and unexpectedly. Upon detection of these insects, one wonders how to get rid of ants in the apartment once and for all that they do not create discomfort with his presence. If immediately not to take certain measures, of the dozens of ants for a few days they will be thousands. Therefore, from the very first days hard to deal with these unpleasant insects.

Room the ants, who is it?

Most often in the house are red ants that seem to crawl out from under the floor, walls, often, their appearance is in the corners of rooms by Windows. They began to attack the house since 1940, that’s why to our time already there are so many different ways to get rid of them quickly and easily.

How to get rid of ants in the apartment

One cannot be categorical and say that apartment fire ants bring us continuous trouble and losses. Of course, nobody will be nice to be in the house when the whole area will be crawling all small and nasty yellow ants. But it is possible to note a slight advantage of these insects in the house, for example, they eat fleas and spiders, destroying them from our apartments.

The complex process of deprivation

From such housing to get rid of red ants is very difficult, and all because their number is large enough. To answer the question, why is it so difficult to bring them out of the apartment, you need to consider two options:

  • The ants can be fed not only with fleas and spiders, they are not against to treat, and the remains of food on the table. That is why, if after dinner you left on the table with the bread or other products, on the morning of you may wildly not please the emergence of dozens of red ants.
  • Apartment the ants still be called the work of individuals. They feed the entire colony. If we kill the ants that seemed to us, we promote them, we will not bring any harm. A few days later the uterus will bring in the colony of new individuals who will cause us trouble.

The complex process of deprivation

Cause ants?

Of course, housing ants give us a lot of discomfort, they are carriers of viruses and germs, and diseases, that person is very difficult to fight. These insects are very easily transported through the apartment, they can be found not only in the bedroom or in the kitchen, but even in the bathroom, which brings even more unpleasant discomfort.

In addition to General discomfort, such harmful parasites can penetrate into home appliances and electronics, thereby, disrupt its work, causing a short circuit that also no good do not lead. Also, these ants can bite humans, especially if there is a small child who is crawling on the floor. Pets are also not rarely suffer from the bites of these small and nasty insects.

Get rid of insects in the apartment

To go to the process of getting rid of insects in the apartment, should determine the focus of their occurrence. Surely you will be able to find in the home corner or hole, from which insects emerge. To find such a nest is very difficult because it can be placed under the baseboard, under the floorboard, under the batteries of the Central heating.

Get rid of insects in the apartment

The most effective and appropriate option is the use of pesticides. Such tools can easily be bought in a special shop, ask for advice from the seller or read the instructions for use and dosage sufficient to remove small parasites from the apartment. Among the most common and effective chemical preparations are the following:

  • Trap «Raptor», «Thunder-2».
  • Insecticidal aerosols «Get» and «Raid».
  • Pencils and gels are strong – «Masha», «FAS», «global».

pests in the apartment

Very often, in addition to these chemicals, which are even special repellents for ants. They plug into the outlet, whereby the air emitted electromagnetic waves. As a result, fire ants can feel great discomfort and immediately leave the apartment. But, we must remember that such waves have a negative impact on humans, which is why it is some time to leave the room or apartment. Unfortunately, safe electromagnetic waves to human can not have a negative impact on the housing ants.

Folk remedies for getting rid of ants

If your apartment appeared to be «guests» in the form of red ants, to them is necessary to struggle. If it is not possible to buy special chemicals against Moravia, to get rid of them, you can use folk remedies that can easily be done independently.

To cook a treat for parasites with something sweet, such as jam or sugar. To do this, take a glass of water and dissolve in it the sugar, and add a teaspoon of boric acid. All this is good stir and put small containers of liquids in the corners, where there are insects. You can add this poison to cover from under the bottles, their size will be comfortable enough for ants.

lures for Murasaki

Also ants love to buy meat, so you need to take note of this remedy. The recipe is the following: you need to take some of the mince meat and mix it with boric acid. Of meat make small balls and place them near the wall. If you can not quickly buy boric acid, to replace it will be able to yeast, which are also poison for the housing of parasites.

It is important to remember that the housing ants almost do not change their place of residence, that is why the move to his «home» left by the wayside. Show it and sprinkle traps in this area. Don’t forget that the appearance of ants occurs very unexpectedly, increasing their number every day thousands of times. Be careful, do not force yourself to experience discomfort because of these small and nasty insects, which can cause much more harm than you can imagine.

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