How to get pregnant if not

For many women pregnancy is the most awaited event in my life. But not all couples get right to conceive a child. How to get pregnant, if not for quite a long time?

ovulation and birth

Do not despair, even when the long-awaited pregnancy did not occur.

Mental attitude

The psychosocial status of women plays a very important role. It is the stress, conflicts at work and the constant tension are often prerequisites that the woman cannot become pregnant. Before planning a child, it is necessary to adjust psychologically.

ovulation in women

First and foremost, avoid stressful situations and conflicts. Rest and daily walks in the fresh air will help to tune in a positive way.

Experts recommend to travel to the sea or to relax in the resort. Treatments and a change of scenery will help to remove tension and relax.

Timing of ovulation

In order to get pregnant, the female egg must be ready for fertilization. When she comes out of the ovary, is called ovulation, which lasts two or three days. The only time a woman can get pregnant. To identify the time of ovulation, you can use the following methods:

  • The ovulation test. This is the easiest and affordable way. Buy a test in pharmacy. Using them is just not difficult, just follow the instructions.
  • Measurement of basal temperature. To monitor the temperature changes required for two to three months every day, immediately after waking up. All information is stored in a special graph. Before ovulation the temperature slowly decreases. In the days favourable for conception, it increases dramatically. Several months of temperature control it is possible to calculate days for conceiving.
  • Ultrasound. Ultrasound is considered to be the surest way to establish a favorable period for conception.
  • Women’s calendar. This method is effective only in case of regular menstrual cycle. To determine the day of conception you need to count fourteen days after the beginning of the cycle. The next two days will be favorable for conception.

And out

For what would have happened of an egg, an important aspect is out.

poses for ovulation

Right choice, we will help the sperm to reach the female egg. To conceive the optimal postures are:

  • «Man on top». Best suited for couples. This position allows the wife to control the depth of penetration of the male sexual organ.
  • «In the back». The chances of getting pregnant in this position is quite high. The male organ penetrates deep enough, which allows the sperm to get faster to the cervix.

In order to increase the chance of fertilization, it is necessary after sexual intercourse to raise the feet up. Many experts recommend to be kept on the stomach.

Nutrition and physical activity

To choose the right pose and tune in to the positive result was not pretty. To ensure that the conception occurred, it is necessary to eliminate other reasons why pregnancy does not occur.

  • The rejection of bad habits. Negative impact on the body have tobacco smoke and alcohol. Getting into a woman’s body, they may affect fertility function and menstrual irregularities. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages has a negative impact as well on the male body, reducing the activity of sperm.
  • Proper nutrition. The women’s diet is just as important. It is necessary to abandon carbonated drinks and fast food, but to eat more vegetables and fruits. To minimize the need and sweetness.
  • Weight. Reproductive could impact extra weight or the lack of it.
  • Exercise. In order that the organism could withstand the process of pregnancy and birth, it is necessary to play sports. It can be swimming or the usual exercises in the morning. But to exclude severe physical stress and intense exercise.
  • Vitamins. The lack of vitamins and minerals can negatively affect the health of the expectant mother and her baby. Before planning pregnancy, you need to consult with your doctor. According to the analysis, he may recommend taking vitamin and mineral complexes which will help the body replenish the missing nutrients.

female ovulation

May not always be able to get pregnant right away. You have to put a lot of effort. It is very important to monitor the health of that body was ready to conceive, carrying a pregnancy and birth. Do not constantly think about the problem, as it negatively affects the psychological state of both parents. The long-awaited pregnancy will come if you follow the advice and recommendations of a physician.

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