How to get gold in Avataria free

Avataria is a fun game that has many supporters. In it, the user is given different tasks which he must pass. Also on the playing field, you can chat with friends and find new friends. Many people like Avataria for limitless shopping possibilities for the character, you can buy clothes and items. But where can I find play money? Plunged into a magical world Avataria, a lot of people want to know how to get gold in Avataria free.

Avataria money

The game tasks

To get rich, complete various game tasks. You can choose the type of character that is closest to you:

  • Player. You can play the wheel of fortune and get four gold coins. Go for it, and you will be lucky!
  • Hard worker. If you don’t want to rely on fortune, you can get money by completing the proposed tasks. This kind of earnings requires perseverance and consistency.

«Generous gesture», «Secrets of seduction», «draw your swords» and «Crazy shopping» will give you one coin. If you understand the principle of doing the job, in the future will be to click them as nuts. The reward will be gold which can be spent on new costumes and useful items

  • Avataria items
  • Student. You can go to the school and presented there solve several problems. When the experience is a lot, try to pass the exam. In case you pass the exam, you will receive 50 gold coins. To pass certification you must accumulate 275 points.

You don’t have to choose one model to make money. These methods can be combined, as, for example, a student and player at the same time

The reward for the input

Also earn coins, coming into the game daily. You do not need to make unnecessary movements, just upload the page Avataria and login. If attendance was regular, on the fifth day you will receive the reward of one coin. In five days you again will have to wait for gold, for five coins. On the fifteenth day will give you seven hard gold. The main thing is to play the game every day without missing a single day.


Gold free

Item in the game with the same name always attracts people. By clicking the link, you can pass a number of tests and tasks, for which you will pay. The more complex the task, the more money they promise.

Please note that in some puzzles you can use real money. For this you need a voice Vkontakte. Place them on the score of the game and start increasing your capital. So you can earn a lot of gold.

Avataria friends

Gaming tricks

If you don’t want to go the standard way, you can use the bugs that allow the player to get the gold, passing game scheme.

There is a bug that helps to get clothes for free. You can sell it and save up a decent amount.

To use this trick, do the following:

  1. Click the store of clothes, but noticed a window with a proposal to buy this product, close it
  2. Change the date settings on your computer or laptop, Select the same date but change the current year to the previous one.
  3. Again choose the clothes, which was the name before. A desired item appears in the list of purchased goods

Avataria salon

You can also find special codes and codes that will help you to get gold for free. You should carefully choose the source from which you want to download those tricky clues. The bulk of these cheats contain malware that can copy your personal data to hack a page in social networks and remember the entered number, Bank cards.

Before using untested cheats, think about whether the game is worth the candle. Perhaps you should try to get the game money honestly. It’s a long way, but it does not carry hidden threats.

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