How to get a tin

Individual taxpayer identification number or INN person, so as to be used for different financial transactions. Previously, it was necessary to go to the tax office. Today, this procedure is significantly simplified and given the opportunity to apply for an INN through the Internet. Consider the options — how to get INN?

how to get a tin

Available options how to was

All questions related to INN, is the IRS. Here you will be given various options for the design of documents related to various tax benefits.

To obtain the INN need to write a statement and send it at the location of the regional offices of the tax service. To do this:

  • Personally come to the tax office in your area. There is a possibility of transmission of statements, using a representative. But in this case, you need the power of attorney issued by a notary. In addition to the application you will require a passport. By applying the described method was you will be given five working days from the date of receipt of the documents.
  • Send appropriate letter (recommended to send the order), where to put the statement in the representation of regional tax inspection. A return letter you will receive notification of acceptance and registration of your application in the service. Do this to confirm that your letter has reached its destination. This method is simpler, but to get the INN will take more time, as the inspector will need time to check your passport information, you have indicated in your statement. The room you will be given only 5 working days after confirming all the information provided.
  • Fill the application form on the website FTS. This method is becoming more and more popular, as for you it takes less than 10 minutes. Besides, it can be done at any convenient time and in a convenient location. On this resource you can first complete draft, and later, after checking all the data, send it to its destination.


Submitting the application through website on

Consider the most popular method of submission of application for obtaining tax – filing via the Internet.

In the absence of an electronic signature

If you do not have a personal e-signature, to obtain the INN you need to:

  1. Go to the tools on and go through the registration process. It will not take you much time, you only need to specify your email, where you will be sent an email containing a code to activate account, login, and password, which are necessary for the future of the personal account. You also need to specify their name. The bottom of the page you need to enter the code to activate your account. After that, your will receive an email with a link to where you need to go. Now you will be given a personal account on the website.
  2. Log in to your personal account, find the form to apply. Detailed instructions for completing the forms can be found on the website.

To obtain INN the case of this method of application, later you will have to personally go to the tax office of their district. If this option you not suitable – download the application form and fill it out myself. Additionally attach to the application a copy of the passport or other document that confirms your identity. Assure all documents at the notary. The collected package of documents send by registered mail. Better if it will be with the announcement to be sure it is received.

how to get Inn over the Internet

If you have an electronic signature

Individual entrepreneurs or legal entities can apply this way:

  • Download the program «Taxpayer LE». After installation, fill in this form to receive INN. To get the document in electronic form, please attach to the application a request, which involves obtaining a tax identification number in electronic form.
  • Using the program, prepare a shipping container that will be encrypted and authenticated with your digital signature. You only have to send it to the tax office and wait for INN.
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