How to get a man?

Many women are interested in the question of «how to excite a man.» They may want to get someone, and you can aspire to diversify the life with someone you love long ago. Known fact – no matter how strong the love of a man, he unwittingly begins to glance at other women, if the relationship has lost all of its sharpness. Therefore, no matter what the reason a woman wants to get a man, she needs to know the key points of this process.

how to excite my husband


For anybody not a secret famous phrase that men «love eyes». By their nature they are visual, but because a large part of the environment perceived from the point of view of appearance. Nothing surprising in the fact that in order to get a man, a woman needs to look good.

However, this does not mean that she should put most revealing outfits and decorate your face with bright colors. Now in a fashion naturalness, but this, again, does not mean that you have to wear a dressing gown and spin curlers. Every woman knows that «natural makeup» involves no less make-up than make-up for the party. So what to do?

The most important thing is to start from the desires of her husband. Based on its own merits, you can choose the best method. Thus, this is impossible without preliminary conversations with the chosen. However, many people like the cuts on the clothes that encourage imagination, but they should not be too blatant, otherwise the dream will be about.



In the process of excitation in different manifestation. First and foremost, of course, the question will help to learn about the preferences of the person, that it is best to break it.

To set chosen in the right mood long before the event. For example, you can leave him naughty notes to write sexy texts which can tell what is waiting for him in the evening.

When the meeting happens, the main weapon of women will become sexy whisper. Playful words in the ear of the languid voice that can excite a person very quickly, however, for a perfect result, the woman must allow the man to move immediately to action.

In the process of whispering we need to get closer to the man, you can gently touch your lips to her ear and kiss your neck and shoulders. It is well to make sex a deep breath, however, it is important not to overdo, not to look ridiculous. A man should hear a languid breaths, but they should not be too explicit.


Stripping and massage

What can excite a man better than a slow undressing of a beautiful woman, to which he was involved? A lady can begin to undress yourself, but it should allow the chosen one to touch her, to help her, to feel her curves.

After that, if you want, a woman can do the massage with kisses and aromatic oils. With the recent should be cautious. On the one hand, certain smells can work as an aphrodisiac, but, on the other hand, a certain fragrance may not like the man, and it will cause the opposite effect.

How to get a man?

Finally, when the two were in bed, a woman can begin (or rather continue) to act on the erogenous zones. As for the heads, here, focusing particularly on the tongue and lips, so one of the key components is a violation of kisses. However, in addition, is to kiss earlobes, accompanying this process in a whisper. Many people like when their hair start hand, however, there are those who will be against this.

Neck – is also a good erogenous zone. It can be kissing, stroking, but do not use nails and the man should not be delicate. Next is the chest. How to get a man impact on this area? Just enough to stroke her. Few people know that male nipples can also help to get excited.

Most men react violently, if you hold the nails along the spine, but more attention on the back must be given to the area between the shoulder blades. Almost anything you can do with the buttocks. Erogenous zone is considered to be belly to stroke from top to bottom.

Finally, remain intimate the bodies that will easily respond to a soft touch, especially if the woman vozdeistvuya on other erogenous zones.


What can excite a man?

There are a few General tips that will help to initiate men.

  • When he returned from work, told him a few obscenities. For example, say that you are not wearing panties.
  • If the person is busy doing something not too important, you slowly get the hand in his pants.
  • Before going to a shower for her husband with him and ask him to lather you.
  • The man is easily excited by the offers of grace in an unexpected place. For example, you can find a cozy corner, as a party, or go to the country in the car.
  • The longer you «play», preparing for her husband, the more he is initiated, but do not pull too long, as this, in the end, you can get bored.
  • Some men like it when ladies casually wear their clothes, but not all.

Besides all this, it is worth remembering that almost none of the advice may not be universal. A man may have unique advantages in sexual terms, and therefore it is best to try to learn it, and then move into battle.

what could bring a man


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