How to gain weight?

Hard to believe, but among the crowds of people eager to lose weight, there are individuals who envy them. Sometimes thinness is not a sign of beauty, on the contrary – in some it is capable to cause disgust. Such people are interested in how to gain weight.

how to gain weight

While wishing to get rid of fat and believe that their way of life is incredibly complex, according to nutritionists, to lose weight much easier than to increase the weight. The thing in the first place, in that very part of fat want those who are skinny by nature or reasons beyond their control. While losing weight, usually gain weight on their own.

Why do people want to get better?

Cattle, about which nobody asked, may appear in several cases. The most common and, unfortunately, one of the most trudnovospituemyh options is a pathology of the body, particularly thyroid disease. Hormones affect all the processes of the human organism, including because of their failure people can be very hard to lose weight.

Another reason is parasites, which appeared in the stomach or intestines. People can do a lot, but all the products will go directly into the body of the parasite, and hunger at that, not going anywhere, the body will be depleted.

The third common cause is mental illness, such as anorexia. In this case, the person, from a technical point of view, he condemns himself to starvation, but in fact he is not able to stop it, he needs help.

All these reasons are just that and stand out – it is useless to learn how to gain weight if there are problems with hormones, parasites, or psyche. Getting fat will fail if you don’t first consult with a qualified specialist and to address these issues.

Painful thinness is also seen in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stress and diabetes. In these cases, and if it was cured the previous pathology, you can consider the issue of weight gain.

painful thinness

How to gain weight?

It is quite obvious that the key factor in this process is proper nutrition. It should include all the necessary elements like fat and protein. In addition, you need to adhere to certain principles.

  • In any case, you cannot skip Breakfast. The metabolism can function normally. In addition to this, in the morning are acceptable, different sweets, although they should not be the main dish.
  • In the process of gaining weight is to pay attention to products such as eggs, meat (especially chicken), pasta from durum wheat and cereals.
  • You can immediately begin to eat large portions, if before the food hit the body a little bit. All you need is consistency and caution.
  • In order to have sufficient need a good appetite. To stimulate it will help juices, such as fruit and vegetables.
  • You should eat often, small portions, preventing hunger.


Additional items

Important role in the process of gaining weight can play a trace elements. As a rule, excessive thin body is exhausted, it lacks a variety of vitamins. Best of all, together with your doctor to choose the best vitamin complex.

Should pay special attention to vitamin E, can also be applied sports supplements like protein.

In any diet, regardless of whether people want to lose weight or gain weight, it is important to drink plenty of pure water. A good metabolism will help regular exercise. It will also allow the weight gain to speak not saggy belly, and a beautiful musculature.


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How to gain weight

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