How to format a USB flash drive

Not so long ago the main tools that were used to store information and operate the computers, there was disks and floppies. But today they replaced the stick. Sometimes this storage medium needs formatting, for example, in the case of infection of the files that are recorded on it. So you need to know how to format the flash drive correctly.

USB flash drive

How to format flash drive using computer Management

Very often users who had this job had not come across, can’t format your USB flash drive due to the fact that in «My computer» its just not visible. Among the main reasons that can cause this to happen:

  • the flash drive is not formatted;
  • not working file system, for example, the system Raw;
  • the letter, which describes the disk drives, the same letter is indicated by one of the working drives.

In this case we use this method of formatting. To do this, use the following algorithm:

  • Log-in control panel.
  • Choose «System and security».
  • Select the Administration tab.
  • Find the item «computer Management» and open it.
  • Find and open the «disk Management», which will display all connected to the computer media.
  • Find and choose your flash drive by clicking on it with the mouse (right click).
  • From the menu, choose 2 «to replace the letters on unique» and «format memory stick».

How to format flash drive using computer Management

You also need to consider that starting to format a USB flash drive or any other storage media, you should always specify the file system. The main ones:

  1. FAT is a legacy filesystem which is almost no one uses it for formatting.
  2. FAT32 is a file system able to work faster, but has the disadvantage, which is that in the case of files larger than 4GB, it just won’t see.
  3. NTFS – today is the most popular system, so if in doubt, experts recommend to pick it up.
  4. exFAT is one of the latest developments of Microsoft. Among its advantages — use when working with different operating systems. The disadvantages include the fact that some equipment and some operating systems among which Windows XP can not recognize it.

Formatting a pendrive using command prompt

Just knowing the letter, which indicated the flash drive, you can use the command line to format the media. You need to be very careful, because the incorrect letter, you risk to completely clean the wrong disk. To learn the necessary letter, it is sufficient to enter the menu «computer Management».

Formatting a pendrive using command prompt

Now you can start formatting. To do this, in command prompt write format G: /FS:NTFS /Q /V:usbdisk, where:

  • format G – as indicated by the team responsible for formatting with the correct letter.
  • /FS:NTFS provides file system where you plan to format the media.
  • Q – so, you specify the command used for formatting.
  • /V:usbdisk is the drive that will be available when the following connections.


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