How to fix the writing on the wall VK?

Social network Vkontakte has long been not limited to simply writing someone a personal message and upload your photos. People always create groups and various public pages on various topics. Often, in this regard, there is the need to create a pinned post. Should know how to fix the writing on the wall VK?

how to fix the writing on the wall VK

What is a fixed post and why you need it

Taking the group or the public, the administrator creates daily a huge number of posts and news. Before they could do this indefinitely, but not so long ago there was a limit of 50 records. However, it is still quite a lot. If daily to do fifty news, the first morning, get lost already before lunch, and many may never see. What can we say about the posts published for a few days or even weeks ago?

It’s okay if these records are ordinary, and that is reason enough to watch once. Often, however, there are times when the group was shown something really important. For example, schedule an event, some kind of advertising or what is now usually the case – competition.

Increasingly, administrators of public decide to carry out in their groups competition of reposts. The point is that it creates a partly a promotional post, which offers a certain prize. To be able one who will share this entry on your page and signs up for the group. However, after creating the post about the contest you can stop the activities of the public. You should see the new information. So how can you make the contest disappeared under the mass of other posts? Here comes to the rescue and fixing.

How to fix the writing on the wall VK

So, recovery from the loss of a position will take hold. Its essence is that a pinned post will always be at the top, almost under the name of the public or group. If it’s your personal page, the pinned post will be the first on the wall. All other news will be posted underneath, until, until you removed the pin.

Regardless of whether you want to make a fixed entry in the group, the public, or on your wall, it will always be one certain way.

How to pin posts on the wall of VK:

  • First and foremost, you need to create a post which needs to stay on top. It can be a contest, advertising, some important information, and generally everything your heart desires.
  • In order to get a record always remained at the top of the wall, it is necessary to publish it.
  • Then you need to locate the created entry and click on the date of its publication.

date of publication

  • A window will open, which will be fully contained this post.
  • Squandered the mouse wheel down before the start of the review, you can see there is a button that allows you to put «like», «share» button and select «more».
  • To secure the post need the latest button.
  • When you hover over «more» will display a list of possibilities. Among them, you need to choose the «fix».

consolidation entries

  • Clicking on an entry will move to the top of the wall. Now near the date of publication will indicate «record assigned».

How to detach a record Vkontakte

Competitions, news lose its relevance, and pinned posts remain at the top. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix.

  • To make changes you need to accurately click on the date of publication.
  • At the bottom will again be all the same buttons.
  • Hovering the cursor over the word «more», you can see a list.
  • It is necessary to choose the option «remove».

the detachment of the recording

Ready! Post returned to the place where he’d been, if he hadn’t fixed.

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