How to find your phone number Megaphone

Cellular company MegaFon was and remains one of the largest among the competitors. Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, when it was founded, there were over seventy-six million subscribers. Many are often faced with the question of how to know your number the Megaphone.

Sometimes this is due to the fact that people just not sure whether he remembered the combination of numbers. In addition, the question is often asked shortly after purchasing the SIM card. Finally, a special case are the phone numbers to be used as USB modems.

how do you know your number megaphone

Simple ways to determine your number Megaphone

There are many ways to find the required digits. Some of them involve working directly with the phone and simkarty, for others they are not needed.

For example, it refers to supporting documentation. In the papers annexed to simkarta, is always her number. However, most often use this method can only those who have received the seven recently and therefore still have on hands all documents. Also, if the person is quite economical, it also could be preserved in these papers.

The second method, which does not require the hand of the SIM card and the smartphone is the call to the operator. The disadvantage of this method is that the call should, the person decorated room, and it needs to have the identity documents. If all this is not a problem, then you need to call the toll free number 8-800-333-05-00 and to decide all questions with the operator.

the operator

How to find your phone number Megaphone?

Find out your operator MegaFon is much easier, if at hand is a mobile phone in which you inserted this SIM card. In this case, the person can use different methods.

How do you know your number Megaphone:

  • If there is a friend, relative or any other person is available to chat and have a mobile phone, you can just call him. Then the desired number is displayed on the screen of the mobile. Will just have to rewrite it on paper or score in your own phone.
  • Sometimes in order to find the right combination, don’t need to do practically nothing. In most old phones has a special feature that allows you to quickly deal with the problem. As a rule, it looks like the contact in the contact list called «My room». Enough to make a call and the required information will arrive on the phone.
  • Another personal feature of the MegaFon service is «My room». Its essence is that so you can easily send the combination of some other person. For example, if someone asks a room, but you don’t know him, you can ask the number of that person and put on the phone *143*the number of the other person. As a result, the mobile will come SMS with the desired combinations.

Finally, one of the most simple and accessible methods is the use of USSD commands. The main difficulty in this question lies in the fact that the combination is different for subscribers from different regions. For most people, the correct option would be *205#. It is necessary to dial on your cell phone and then press the call button. Subsequently, the required number will receive the phone.

However, for some regions presented their request. For example, in the Northwest we need to use *1207#, and in the southern cities applied *105*1*2#. Residents of the Central regions can also try to gain *105*2*0# and for the citizens of Siberia suitable option *105*1*6#.

the number of MegaFon

Other methods

There are several ways to solve this problem. For example, you can refer to a special application from MegaFon called the Service Guide. It is downloaded from the official site of the cellular operator. First and foremost, the program is designed to work with rates and services, but it will also be able to know your number.

In addition to downloading the program, on the official website of MegaFon, you can easily find your Personal account. If it is already configured and you can access it, the inside will be able to easily know the mobile number and also get a lot of other useful information.

If you need to find out the combination to the SIM card used in the iPad, it is also necessary to use the site, since such a device cannot make a call or send USSD code. Of course, you can just move the SIM card from the iPad into a regular phone and use one of the methods mentioned above.


How to check the SIM card of the modem?

In order to find the combination of card used in the modem, a range of quite similar methods. For example, if you sit at the computer or laptop which is connected to the Internet with a modem Megaphone, then just go to the official website of the operator.

MegaFon modem

The system automatically autoriseret entered and will take the version of the site with the corresponding region. The result is the top of the page will be easy to see your mobile number information about the balance, and other important information.

When working with modems from MegaFon, PC, laptop or other device is automatically set to a special program. In it, among other things, you can enter USSD commands. If you type in the appropriate field *127# and press the call button, then the monitor number you want appears.

Finally, you can easily get the SIM card from the modem and put it in a regular phone. You can then call the operator, to dial, to order message or use any other method to determine the number.

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