How to find the number of MTS?

For many, buying a new SIM card, can’t remember all the numbers of the new issue, constantly confusing it with the old one. Although the MTS company, the acquisition by the user a new SIM card, send him when you activate the SMS reminder directly on the phone itself. This message appears (for free) may be stored on the phone itself and you won’t have to wonder, how do you know your number of MTS. Of course, if you accidentally deleted this message, you can learn it in other ways.



Many may use the paper, most people have diaries, notepads and notebooks that are almost always nearby. You can also write it in the phone book, but most people are not so considerate, they may be just too busy to do it or just lazy, then they need to use other ways.


ussd-request of Svoge

It often happens that your phone has a negative balance, and to call someone not possible. Then it is possible to send a free request on number *111*0887#after which you will receive a message, which will be written the numbers of your phone. This free method will suit everyone, even if you are roaming.

Call the company MTS

call the company MTS

If you have a negative balance on your phone, you can still make free call and ask your number on the MTS. For this you can dial a combination of numbers on your phone 0887 and robot tips-answering get interesting information for you. If you do not succeed, follow the prompts to find the information you need, you can use the free call, and call operator dialing — 8 800 250 08 90. But in order to obtain the necessary information the operator will ask passport data, who decorated this room.

If you live near the office of MTS, you can, with your passport (required) to walk to him. There are members of your mobile communication will not only suggest your room, but will also offer refill. But this option sometimes may not work if the SIM card issued to another person.

Call a friend


If your account has money, you can use your mobile device to find out your number by calling one of his household, relatives or just friend them on the device, be sure to indicate the numbers of your phone, and they can dictate it to you. Also if you’re near a landline phone with a determiner, we can call on him and learn the required digits.

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