How to find photos in the photo?

When a person needs find something on the Internet, he is gaining the necessary keywords in the corresponding line search site. Thus it is possible to find both article and image. However, often the question arises, how to find photos on a photo.

how to find photos for a photo

For many, this task may seem very strange, and a few years ago it was impossible. However, today to find an image using another existing, very simple.

Why apply search for photography?

This system of identifying information has spread relatively recently. Previously, people had to use text descriptions and a variety of criteria to find the image that fits the request. Today the image search allows to achieve different purposes.

  • This can be very useful if you want to know the name of some object or someone’s name. For example, someone has a picture of the object (musical instrument, household appliances) and need to find out make, model and name. By searching for pictures will be able to find a host of other images by which not only may be mentioned the name and the link to the website, rich information about the desired object.
  • The same method works, if you want to know the name of some celebrity. For example, making a screenshot from the movie, where he plays some actor, you can use it to find other photos of that person. Both will be able to know the name and any other information.
  • The search for photos is a great way of checking uniqueness. Now there are many resources that offer wishing to purchase the license, copyright of the image. If you then use them to search, you can see that they have used previously. With the evidence, can achieve certain measures in the arbitration of the resource.
  • Finally, very often people face the situation when they hold image is poor quality. For example, it may have a small size, a blurry image, large watermark and signature. The search will allow to find all versions of this Wallpaper and choose the most appropriate option.

There are other possible causes that lead a person to use search at the photos. Whatever your goal, this process is almost always the same, with some slight variations.


How to find photos in the photo?

Now for such a search are two of the most popular search site is Google. Many people prefer to use the first option, as he finds much more information, but (especially in pictures) this can be a disadvantage.

Typically, using search by picture, people looking for something very specific. If he goes to the Google search engine, the risk to the mass of the object, having very little to do with what should be found. So, with the help of Yandex will be able to get fewer results, but they with great probability will be just what was supposed to be revealed.

So, it is necessary to consider the process of finding photos in these two search engines. Their principle is the same, and each site offers two options.

How to find photos for a photo in Google

  • For starters, you need to go directly to the site.
  • Right in the top corner of the page is a button Pictures.
  • You can also use the direct link —
  • In the Central field appears the image of the camera is a button to search for the pictures.

Google search

  • Pressing it will cause a pop-up window. There are two fields – first offers as reference, and the second to download the file. Depending on where the image is located that you want to search, apply any of these methods.
  • If the picture is somewhere downloaded, just open it in browser, copy the link and paste it in the field. Then click «Search by image».
  • If the image is stored in the computer, you should select the option to Download the file.
  • In the box you need to click on «Choose file» and, after specifying the image, there will be a search.
  • Finally, the object must implement the search process, you can drag and drop field on download.


In addition, Google automatically searches for similar images. Open some photo on the page of this website, to the right you can see a number of options that may be similar, and analogs of the original pictures that differ in size or something.

How can I search in Yandex?

In order to find different images, again you need to go to the website of the search engine. Button to jump to the desired section is located above the row for input requests, between points a Translator and Video. In addition, you can again use the direct link —

In the upper right corner of the window opened is the same the camera icon with dandruff. He needed to find a new image.

How to find photo photo Yandex:

  • Clicking on the camera icon will lead to the appearance of two bands at the top of the website.
  • The first allows you to work directly with the image, and the second is used for links.
  • If the picture on which you want to search is on the computer then applies the left side of the field. It can simply drag the image by holding it with the left mouse button.
  • Download also click. A window will appear in which you’ll have to find the required image. Then you need to click on «Open» and begin the search.
  • If the photo somewhere and has downloaded your link, it is easy to copy and place in right field. After that click on the Find button.

Yandex is looking from the same image – it gives similar output. However, the website has the function «Other sizes and similar». It can be found by opening any picture. The desired item will be located on the right.

This method allows you to display a list of all the available analogues of pictures, and they will be immediately listed dimensions. Thus it is possible to revise having options and choose the one with the size and quality which will hold.


Other resources

To search photos on photos on specialized sites. A lot of them, and the choice is based on personal preference. For example, many use the resource

This website has its own database with a huge number of images – there are more than five billion. It works exactly the same as searching with Google. The desired image can be downloaded, drag and drop or add a link to it.

The main problem lies in the fact that the resource is foreign, and therefore, all written in English. Fortunately, to understand the interface intuitively, especially with the key features. For example, loading images takes place using the button «Upload Your Image» to the left, or by adding a link in the «Enter Image Address».

Any of the above methods will allow you to quickly and effortlessly find the different images, having them sample.

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