How to find out your rate on the Megaphone?

Modern mobile operators offer a wide variety of services. You can make it so that for a monthly fee calls from other regions will be much cheaper, or to activate Internet package. In this variety it is easy to get lost and forget that it is now connected on the SIM card. So many ask how to check my tariff for the Megaphone?

how to find out your rate on the megaphone

What is the tariff plan?

Rate or a rate plan is a particular calculation method from a cellular operator, or rather the company that provides the connection. In this case the Megaphone. Depending on the chosen plan, is determined by how much money will be charged for the use of the phone. For example, how much it will cost SMS sent to the subscriber of the same operator, or, say, sent to another city? How much will be removed for the use of the Internet? All this determines the rate.

Tariff plans of the company

Mobile operators still continue to offer their subscribers new tariff plans designed for different situations. Due to the fact that almost all now use the mobile Internet, rates began to move to the monthly fee. This is particularly evident in the proposals from a Megaphone.

For example, «All inclusive S» provides subscribers with full unlimited calls on Russia to other MegaFon subscribers. For a conversation with followers of other operators issued 600 minutes. The same number and is available for free, and the tariff comes with a Gigabyte of Internet. Fees will be 10 rubles per day.

Tariff plans «All inclusive» have many variations, but the cellular operator is possible to find and simple tariffs. For example, one of them is called «simple.» Its essence is that local calls will cost 0.03 ruble per second, with no monthly fees will be. The megaphone has a tariff plan «Warm welcome» which puts quite an adequate price for calls to Tajikistan.

tariff plan

How to find out your rate on the Megaphone?

So, it’s time to consider the basic methods to read data plan.

The easiest and most commonly used is a USSD-request. It runs as follows:

  • Dial *105*3#.
  • Then click on call.
  • The screen displays all information on the tariff plan.

How to find out your rate on the Megaphone by means of a call? You can call the number 0505. You will be answered by the answering machine, which will give all the necessary instructions. If followed, you will get information on rates.

There is a third option. Each subscriber of MegaFon can now register a personal account on the official website. For this you will need your room to obtain the password, and then enter the office be without problems. They need to find a section that stores all the information about the services connected to this number. This method is especially useful if you need to know about the tariff of the SIM card used in the modem, not the phone.


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