How to find out your INN?

There are times when it is imperative to provide your tin in any organization, but the desired document is not available. For example, it may be located on the site of the work (in process of registration) or has been lost, in this case, many question how to find out your INN? To obtain the desired information in several ways.

In what cases is it needed?

How do you know your INN

There are times when you can not do without an identification code. Without it, it would be impossible to make a number of documents:

  • It is necessary to have a person in employment, by him, the employer contributes to the state budget taxes for the employee.
  • You will need it at registration of transactions of purchase and sale, probate and other similar procedures.
  • The identification code will be needed for businesses that need required to pay taxes to the state budget.
  • Persons who are self-employed, you also must have it to complete a Declaration of their income, to further submitting it to the tax office.

Types and INN

Types and INN

In the tax office there is a division of identification codes for the types:

  • Code of the natural person is a digital sequence composed of 12 Arabic digits.
  • Code individual entrepreneur is a physical person after he becomes an individual.
  • Legal person code is a digital sequence consisting of 10 Arabic numerals.

Find your INN online

learn INN online

Having the required documents (original or copy) and access to the Internet, you can use a special service state services to obtain the necessary information. For this you will need to fill out the required form, where you specify the following information:

  • F. A. V. (is optional to fill in).
  • Date of birth.
  • City of birth (is optional to fill in).
  • Documents confirming the identity, for example, it can be: passport, temporary residence permit or a birth certificate. In the required form you will need to provide the serial number of the document, and when issued it.

After filling in all required data, you can find your ID number. The entire process will take no more than 5 minutes, as this procedure does not require registration on the portal.

To go to the tax office

To go to the tax office

If you do not have access to the Internet there is a second option for obtaining the necessary information, but it will need to spend a lot more time. You should contact the tax authority at their place of residence in which you will be able to define your INN, you will need to have a passport or birth certificate.

It is interesting to know that every citizen can personal stamp was in the passport, it is a voluntary service which can be done at the local tax office.

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