How to find out what video card is on the computer

What video card is installed on your computer will depend on the image quality in the game or programs that work with 3D graphics. As there are a number of situations when you just need to know which graphics card is on the computer. There are several ways.

How to find out what video card is on the computer

A visual way

This method is the most simple and available to each user. To do this:

  • If you have kept the box of the video card, then simply study the information on it. Usually there you can find all the parameters.
  • Inspect the computer case. There may be a sticker with the information you need.
  • Look at the Board. To do this you need to disassemble the computer case.

Device Manager

One of the easiest ways to define a video card include the study of task Manager. The procedure is the following:

  1. Open the control Panel using the start button.
  2. In the window that opens, choose «System and security».
  3. Open the sub-category «System».
  4. We will have brief information about the system. But in order to obtain information about your video card, in the left pane click «device Manager».
  5. You will see a window that has all the data about the components of the computer.

The name and model of the video card that you see there, you can define its parameters.

device Manager

In some cases, instead of the model name you will see «Standard graphic adapter» or «video controller (VGA compatible)». This means that the system was unable to determine the model of the video card says that it is not being used. To independently find information regarding your video card, you will help other utilities.

Designated via «desktop»

This method is suitable if you have installed Windows operating system, above 7 version. On the desktop, click the right mouse button, selecting in the window the item «screen Resolution». Next, select «advanced options». You will have a window that shows information about the model and volume of your graphics card.

Use the Command line

Those who have Windows, unlike the admirers of Unix systems often use the command-line, despite the fact that it is a powerful tool that allows you to administer operating system. So, using it you can find detailed information about all installed devices, including the graphics card. How to use it:

  1. Using the Start-up or a combination of Win+R, run command prompt in which you type in dxdiag.
  2. You will see the diagnostic tools window. You need to select the Screen tab, where you will see information about the model of the graphics card, screen resolution, and other useful data.

the command row

If the received information was not enough or it is not complete, you have the opportunity to use the msinfo32 utility, which also gives information about your system. For this there are 2 ways:

  1. Set at the command prompt msinfo32.
  2. Using the start button select «Standard/Official», then choose «system Information».

After that, choose «Components» — «Display» where you can see the full title and scope of your video card.

Use the program GPU-Z

In the case when all the tools built in to Windows doesn’t help you, you still have the ability to use third-party applications. Today, the Internet, available dozens of such utilities. Experts also suggest to use GPU-Z. Among the advantages:

  • This is one of the first and constantly developing project;
  • The program is free and has no limitations in the case of commercial use.
  • The program does not take up much space, which is especially important for older machines.
  • The software has an intuitive interface.

Use the program GPU-Z

You can download it on the official website. Installs and runs it in a standard way. To view your data, select the appropriate option in the drop down menu.

Use the program AIDA64

This program is able to give you a full response to the questions about all the computer’s installed programs and physical components. If you need information only about the video card, just open the main screen of the program where there is total information.

But in contrast to GPU-Z, AIDA64 you will have to pay. Also, the program is quite extensive.

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