How to fall in love with a guy?

When the object of the opposite sex appear tender feelings, it is impossible not to wish the same from him. Unfortunately, artificially create love that it doesn’t feel unlikely, but what’s more important – absolutely wrong no need. Can be interested in the question how to fall in love with the guy, if he treats the person well enough, and it should be easy to push, so to speak, to take things to the next level.

how to fall in love with the guy

Step one – appearance

How many people would not have talked about the importance of the inner world, still meet on clothes. So, on one appearance far to go will not work, but to the guy drew attention, you need to take care of a suitable appearance.

Here it is worth to understand one important fact. Despite the fact that women like to pull all the objects of the opposite gender with the same brush, but in reality they may like completely different girls, different clothing styles, different hair color. No «recipes of beauty», which would answer the question how to fall in love with the guy. There are no rules, using which, any girl could get any guy to pay attention. However, there are some factors and key moments.


Key points:

  • It is unlikely that in the world there is a guy who will like unkempt, dirty girl. This does not mean that you need to keep your form absolutely perfect, spreading to the face makeup and not leaving on the body a single hair. It is important to observe the rules of hygiene and time to change clothes. In addition, the clothes should be comfortable, should not dress for the sake of beauty, if it appears stiff and uncomfortable.
  • With regard to the figures, then it is impossible to give unambiguous advice. There are men who like skinny, there pay attention to just slender or moderately chubby, and there are fans of the big sizes. You cannot rush to the diet for every guy. It is possible that it would alienate.
  • Here’s what you can do, so it’s own health. Smooth back, clean skin without inflammation is a healthy girl for sure has more chances to please a guy.

How to fall in love with a guy? Tips from beauticians

Cosmetics can not only radically change the appearance, but also to emphasize the dignity, as well as to provoke in the minds of men certain ideas. For example, the lips painted with red lipstick (or have that color from nature) at the subconscious level is perceived as a sign that this woman would make healthy offspring. This person is not aware of these thoughts, it only considers red lips beautiful. All these thoughts can cause rosy cheeks, so if you have a pale skin color should take care of the blush.

red lips

When a woman selects the eye with mascara or pencil, on the face creates a beautiful contrast, conveys her sensuality.

It is important to maintain the hair beautiful and healthy. First, it is on them that the opposite sex pays a lot of attention. Secondly, they secrete pheromones.

Step two – behavior

So, the guy noticed that you are not just a girl, but also a very attractive girl. He drew attention, but now need to do the most important thing is to make sure that he felt the same warm feeling. There are a few tips on behavior.


  1. Men love to feel strong defenders. We need to let them do this, even when protection is absolutely not necessary. Of course, all you need to know the measure.
  2. Feel the power and utility man if the woman will ask for his help, but mostly on classic men’s help. For example, to hang a shelf, fix a faucet or open a jar. It is not necessary to ask constantly, and in any case, you can not blame the object of sympathy, if the request was not completed.
  3. Provoke a conversation about it. Everyone loves to talk about himself. A girl can only ask, sincerely interested. It is useful to ask the husband’s advice and opinion.
  4. To maintain the interest necessary permanent changes, and it is not just about periodic change of hair color, although it is also relative to the corresponding step. You can change the inside to learn new things, to read interesting books.
  5. It is very important to leave a man free. Not go through TEXT messages, not to inquire about what he doesn’t want to talk. It is important to allow him to live the same as before, don’t deny hanging out with friends and stuff.
  6. You need to maintain sociability and positivity.

Finally, one more step – you need to be able to create a great relationship with his friends. Often it is the opinion of friends is decisive in the question to be or not to be with a particular girl. Besides, even if the chosen man will never fall in love, will remain new good friends, and maybe among them there are the elect.


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