How to fall in love with a girl?

What can you do if you met your soulmate, and she doesn’t reciprocate? How to fall in love with a girl? It is a question of destroying the nerves of many representatives of a strong half of mankind.

Are you trying to forget about the beloved, to chase away Intrusive dreams, but no result? Her face still stands in front of your eyes. What should I do?

Love forever

Create an image

Every young person should critically evaluate your image and style. Perhaps something needs to be corrected?

  • Girls fall for the wrong particular person, and the character whose image they created in their head. Show them the positive side. Even if you are far from romance, to become briefly sensitive and gentle. This will attract any girl
  • Create mystery around yourself. Puzzles attract attention, and therefore, the interest of the girl is now chained to you. Beloved will make every effort to reveal your secret, be sure of that. Do not tell in detail his biography, add a few blurry strokes and leave for an important call, who decides someone’s fate. The girl will be intrigued and will be back to see you


Corrected the behavior

  • Be available. If a girl insists on a date, move it to another day or a few hours. Refer to the important things, your employment and the mysterious role you have played in some business game
  • Be generous. Do not skimp on gifts and flowers. The girls like it. The main thing is not to overreact, because it should attract you, not your finances. Give romantic gifts, unusual start date. Dinner on the roof or walk on the evening city will charm every

Corrected the behavior

She loves extreme sports? Invite your beloved to an amusement Park together to yell at the rides. Memories of such a date that will live long in the memory

  • Don’t run after a girl, do not overwhelm him with messages in social networks. So she will know that you are not going anywhere, and will wait for her decision. Write one message and take time out. If the answer is no, make an unusual gesture to send her flowers or a small gift. She will thank you for it if well-behaved. But if not, girl you don’t need


Awaken jealousy

We all know that forbidden fruit is sweet. If a girl finds out that your heart pretends to be someone else, she’ll change her attitude. Competition? Mistress? Friend? As soon as your chosen one will appear these words, burning red letters, it will start to operate. She will have to win. How to achieve this?

  • In the conversation casually remember about the friend who drives you or comes to visit. Emphasize that this is only one. But very close
  • Put it in the car or in your case another thing that hints at sex (book, disk, flash drive). Accidentally reveal this little thing favorite, remembering that it would be necessary in the evening to deliver her or Natasha Ola
  • Remember that your friend had a fight with a guy, and asks to support her as a friend,


All these secrets will Wake the girl passion. She’s going to love you and more do not want to lose you.

Be sure that after these conversations, the girl can’t sleep and you long to sort out in your mind all the scenarios. She will realize that you can slip away. So she’ll quickly develop a plan to conquer your location. And you just what you need, isn’t it?


Fall in love with a girl is simple if you know the psychology of women. Love and be loved!

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