How to fall asleep quickly?

Few can doubt the importance of a sufficient amount of sleep. Virtually all want to sleep, but it turns out not always. Sometimes we just don’t have time for full sleep, and sometimes, even if he gets a long time could not sleep. So many are wondering – how can I sleep?

how to fall asleep quickly

The main reasons

First and foremost, you need to deal with the probable reasons why attempts to fall asleep turn into a long suffering. It is understood that sometimes the roots lie deep in the subconscious, and deal with such problems is rarely obtained without professional assistance. You should not hesitate to consult a doctor if you suffer from insomnia for a long time. Here’s what you should avoid, so it is independent of different medication. The probability that they will only hurt, not bringing any benefit, is very high.

Often interfere with sleep gadgets, the phone rings constantly and the sound alerts from social networks. Another reason may be energy drinks, like coffee drinking for the night.

However, if there are no objective reasons that prevent sleep, not observed, it is possible to examine the different tips that can help ease the bedtime.

computer and coffee

How to fall asleep quickly?

The first thing to do for quality sleep turn off at night unnecessary appliances. It is believed that well to fully distinguish from the mains (remove the plug) computers, televisions and everything to do with the Internet. Definitely not worth it to leave a glowing screen right before your eyes.

According to scientists, if a person is playing computer longer than seven hours a day, he sleeps worse than others. However, is there any objective difference between a long game and office work in front of absolutely the same screen. In any case, reduction of time spent in front of monitors, will help you understand how to fall asleep quickly.

Hot tub or other method of heating will help to relax and cause drowsiness. The human body for a good night’s sleep should be heated, what can be said about the room. It is best if the bedroom is relatively cool. The owners of the air conditioning system can set the temperature at 18 degrees.

Many people like to read before bed, and it’s not bad – this activity helps to calm down, but the bright light prevents further relaxation. For these purposes, it is best to use a small night light.

reading before going to sleep

Healthy habits

Often bedtime is hampered by the numerous thoughts and problems. To make this situation can keeping a journal. I will help put them on the shelves and maybe even find a solution to the problems.

It is clear that not drinking coffee, I just need to sleep, but warm herbal tea or milk will be. This will allow you to relax.

Although in any case it is impossible to independently apply specialized drugs, certain vitamins and minerals will help you sleep better. These include potassium, magnesium and L-tearin. However, even taking such pills it is better to consult a doctor.

You need to choose the most comfortable, not chilling clothes, a pillow, which will allow you to hold your neck and also to take care of the comfort of the beds.

In moderate doses won’t hurt aromatherapy. Lavender will promote relaxation of the body.

milk before bed

Counting sheep

In fact, it is not necessary to imagine a white sheep jumping over the fence, simultaneously calling their numbers. The point is that you need to focus on something monotonous and quite boring. You can just call certain numbers. For example, to count from 1 to 200, or Vice versa. Focus can be on something highly specialized, like the enumeration of the elements of the periodic table.

counting sheep


In order to achieve the highest quality of sleep, may require many changes in lifestyle. For example, you need to reconsider your own bedroom – it should not be clogged, and use it only for sleep, not by combining the area with a Cabinet or something.

In addition, it should:

  • dinner early, not to sleep with a full stomach;
  • to devote time to physical activity, but in the morning or afternoon hours;
  • not to sleep during the day and wait for evening.
  • stick to the regime.

a good night's sleep

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