How to explain to a child where babies come from?

Almost every parent is faced with the question from your kid about the history of his birth. How to explain to a child where babies come from, that it was accessible, understandable and typical for his age. As a rule, a question may arise in the age of 3-4 years, when children are trying to learn, they become increasingly interesting, they comprehensively develop.

How to explain to a child where babies come from

Such questions should react adequately, not to talk to him: ask mom/dad. If your child asked this question, it means that he wants to hear the answer from you, so be prepared. Let’s decide together what the answer is at what age for a toddler to be more exclusive.

Talking with your child 3-4 years old

It is from the age of three, toddlers first begin to feel like a person, they are already adequately dealt with, where a boy and a girl. As a result, they may have issues with the body and physiology, they pay attention not only to the difference in the hair, but also can notice the features of the body structure. In this regard, and there may be questions that will be touching your genitals.

talking with your child 3-4 years

If the family has an older child, and the woman is in the belly of the second child, he may ask questions about the belly size, who lives there, and how he got there. At this age the child still does not understand physiology, it is therefore not necessary to go into details. Just enough to tell that his mom and dad love each other, and such great love they had at first one child and then in her tummy was and the second baby that will be born and everyone will show their face.

You can also say that when a mom, dad gave her a special seed, which she ate, and it was in her tummy. Every day the seed grows, reincarnated into a little sister or brother. You can also show your child a picture that pregnant women do every month.

You need to talk with the child, to focus on the fact that all happened because of a great love.

Talking with your child 5-7 years

At this age children can differ:

  • Wit.
  • Curiosity.
  • Emotions.
  • A large number of questions.

Do not avoid your parents and this question: «Where do babies come from?». If we consider the psychology of the child at this age, he gradually begins to master the world the way it is. The development of children three and seven years are essentially different, it is no longer possible to do only with the fact that babies come from a great love. The child may ask you many questions that will take you out of balance, and just embarrass the kid.

Talking with your child 5-7 years

As if there was not, but talk to your child about sex is still necessary. You need to always focus on the fact that sex is a process, which involved only adult and married people that love each other. No need to shape the baby from an early age the taboo on the subject of sex, the child must understand that he will be able to contact parents and ask them for good advice and the answer to the question.

You should also give a clear concept that sex is something personal, talking about it with strangers it is not ethical and not nice. You can also say that sex is kissing, fondling, touching body parts. The child must understand that such touching is characteristic only for loving people. Also you can notify the child that the process of childbirth takes place in hospital under medical supervision.

Talking with a child 7-10 years

If we consider the adolescence of the child, this question is still rarer. Children interact with peers and with senior friends, in a conversation that they can hear a word like «sex». Some children may ask during a call, the notation of the word, and others come home and ask this question to parents.

Talking with a child 7-10 years

It is very important at this age alone to talk with the child, to give him a clear view of how to have children, what is the process and who they can do. Unfortunately, even at the age of 10 years, some children already have developed the physiology that allows them to have sex. Parents in turn must bear the responsibility for their children, not to give them the opportunity to learn such information from their peers.

Also, if you don’t know how to explain to a child where babies come from, can buy him the relevant literature, in which children’s language described the process. Psychologists support parents who are trying at an early age talk to your child and explain to him what sex is, where babies come from and why.

how to talk to a child

After the age of 13 years, the children never ask parents what sex is. To do this, they have classmates and friends at school, who can more clearly explain the whole process of bringing children into the world. If you want your child to learn that sex is only for adults, you must inform yourself, pick the right words that won’t hurt his psyche.

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