How to exit a clan in World of Tanks?

World of Tanks is a free-online game, which was released in mid-2010. Today it remains one of the most popular PvP that is played by people of all ages. Like any game, it has its own quirks that make it difficult to understand. For example, how to exit a clan in World of Tanks?

Clans – quite a difficult question in relation to this game. They provide multiple benefits and allow you to reach the heights, but it requires many knowledge and skills. As a rule, people only pay attention to the best and most popular options, and often it is to get into these players and want to leave the WoT clan.

how to exit a clan in world of tanks

What is a clan in World of Tanks and why is it needed?

Any online game is difficult to assess fully, if you do not have there true friends and companions. Of course, you can just join groups and time to play together, but true greatness can only be achieved by joining the clan.

Such enterprises in World of Tanks may consist of a maximum of fifty players. As a result, they get various advantages, including the opportunity to participate in clan wars, without which it is difficult to fully appreciate the game.

Different variations of clans exist in almost any online game. In World of Tanks to join them brings the following advantages:

  • Clan members often help each other to cope with different tasks.
  • Of them can, over time, to make their own squad, or at least to find the right partner.
  • Heads of clans will always give different tips and advice.

One of the key features of the livelihoods of clans is their participation in the battles for the Fortified area, as well as preparing teams for the Ladder. Those groups that do reach great heights, and may receive special promotional tanks, on which the dream of almost every player World of Tanks.

However, there are smaller, but no less important advantage as a result of working with Fortified can earn up to one hundred thousand credits. All you need is to build a cohesive team and continue to play.


Why do people want to leave the clan Here?

Many clans are created fairly regularly. As a rule, in the end, their creators go one of two ways:

  • Gaining a team of absolutely any players.
  • Put very high demands for admission.

In most cases both of these methods lead to the same result – the clan quickly becomes unsustainable. However, since the release of the game, it still managed to form several associations, which is known by almost every fan of world of tunxi.

Of course, to get into the popular and well-known group, the task, to put it mildly, incredibly difficult. Such hot spots is always a big queue, which rarely moves, as hardly someone wants to leave a clan in Tanks at this level. But even if that happens, one can not everyone.

Despite the complexity, of course, everyone wants to become a clan member from the list the best. For this you need a very long time to work on their skills, to develop, and then to leave old clan to get the opportunity to apply for a new one.

There are other reasons why people may be interested in how to get out of a clan in World of Tanks. For example, some players simply can not cope with the pace, which specifies enterprises. They often require training, finding a network during certain hours, and do not forgive negative impact on the statistics.

leaving a clan

How to exit a clan in World of Tanks?

Whatever the motives of the player to exit from the clan, he always can do it. First and foremost, you need to login to official website using your username and password.

  • Then you need to get to the profile. This is done by clicking on the user name, which is now located where once was the Check points and the entrance.
  • On some devices the site is displayed differently. In the classical form in the profile will be a button «Clans», but sometimes it is necessary to look for the tab «Community» and then «Clans».
  • After clicking on this item displays a window with various information on the clan, which consists of the player and is received in respect of this achievement. In order to leave the party, you need to click on «Leave clan» in the bottom left of the screen.

Pacinotti clan

That’s all! Upon completion of the procedure, the person is no longer a member of the clan. After this operation it will be imposed a few restrictions. First, within two days he will not be able to apply for membership in any other clan. Second, during this same period, he will not be able to create their own clans.

In addition to personal care, some leave the group by the exclusion of the commander. Although in this case the decision was not made by the player, such an event imposes the same restriction.

What you should think?

To join or not to join clans – everyone decides for himself. Most people consider them absolutely necessary component, which is doubtful, belong to peculiar individuals. As a rule, are not even paying attention to the labels that are put on the map people who is in the clan.

Of course, to gain any respect from others only as a part of a fairly elite group. In addition, a lot of what affects stats. Often players who have purple, get a bullet in the back at the very beginning of the battle.

However, this does not preclude the existence of a large number of people, basically do not join any clans. They consider them something extra, often criticized, and their opinion has its grounds. The only problem is that those who want to achieve a real challenge in the game, needs to understand that without clans (and from the list the best) others will remain impossible.

join the clan

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