How to enter safe mode Windows XP, 7, 8, 10?

Any technique at times faltering. From personal computers this causes various bugs to fix which is sometimes very difficult. At such moments, many wonder how to get into Windows safe mode, as it helps to solve various problems.

Safe mode ( Safe Mode is a special method of starting the operating system. Its main task is to find and fix various problems that may be associated with the process of switching on the system, and all of her work.

This mode restricts all the functionality of the computer. After you enable will be available only the most basic components of the system – those that need to run Windows. What mode is active is very simple to understand – in the corners of the screen will appear the corresponding inscriptions.

how to enter safe mode windows

When using safe mode?

Usually, safe mode becomes a kind of least – run it when otherwise the system becomes impossible. If for some reason the usual process of inclusion cannot pass completely, safe mode allows you to figure out why and at what stage it fails.

In General, we can distinguish a number of differences of this type start from the standard. For example, the system will not load:

  • Most of the configuration files;
  • A significant portion of drivers, in particular printer or scanner;
  • File himem.sys and autoexec.bat;
  • The file system.ini. It replaces the system.cb.

In addition, safe mode uses VGA graphics, desktop remain sixteen colors, and its resolution is 640×480 pixels.

Often, in the case of a particular failure, Safe Mode starts automatically, and you have to figure out how to return the computer to normal. However, to know how to get into Windows safe mode, is also useful.

computer problems

How to enter safe mode Windows 7?

After Windows 7 came out questionable Windows 8, and then you come along and Windows 10. Despite this, the operating system seven is one of the most popular and in demand, so it pays to know how, it includes safe mode.

Usually, there are two main methods of launching. The first is used for direct inclusion of the computer, and the second set after that.

  • In the process of starting the operating system can be a lot of times to press F8. In fact, just a single click, but to capture the right moment is very difficult, so it’s best just to press the button for a while.

Thus, to enable safe mode, just press F8. However, sometimes this method does not work, and there can be different reasons. For example, in laptops there is a common problem when this button is disabled by default. Clicking on it leads to nothing. To change settings you can use the special Fn key.

There are times when the computer has more than one operating system. In this case, before you start the mode, you need to select the correct OS. For this purpose, in particular, you must ensure that the Num Lock is not active.

If the F8 key worked, then in the «advanced boot options» will provide access to the desired mode. Changes to the desktop, described above, will indicate that everything is done correctly.

safe mode


To get into safe mode after the computer is turned on. To do this, click on start and type in search field command msconfig. Sometimes to continue the PERSON asks the administrator or prompts for a password.

If all required information has been provided, you will be presented with the system configuration. It is necessary to find the column «Download», which is the field to search with the appropriate title – Safe mode. Next to him you have to tick and confirm the changes.

At the completion of this process, the operating system will prompt you to reboot. Enough to confirm it and the computer runs in protected mode.


Disabling safe mode

Since safe mode is a method of working with different problems, it will not be necessary forever, because sooner or later you will need to turn it off. There are various ways by which this can be done.

If the mode is activated via the system settings, you need to do all the same steps described above. Again once in the configuration, you will need to remove a tick that was previously supplied. Next turn the computer will take place as normal.

If Safe Mode was run with the operating system, then simply disable it. A computer restart will re-enable it in normal mode.

Features run mode (XP, 8)

Often safe mode Windows 7 and XP run the same, but there are some special methods. For example, it is not always necessary to use the key F8. It is sufficient to restart the system in the process of downloading, and a menu appears the next time.

It is clear that this method is not safe, so it can be used only if you cannot cope in other ways.

Activation mode in Windows 8 most often occurs by means of commands.

  • In order to display the desired field, use the key combination Win and R.
  • In the string need to type msconfig.
  • The Enter button will start the process.
  • A window opens in which you configure the system. Here you will need to do the same thing with Windows 7 is to go to «Boot» and tick «Safe mode».

safe mode

There is another method associated with the process of starting a computer and diagnosis. In order to display the desired window, you must hold Shift and reboot the system.

  • When you will see the appropriate screen, it will need to find a «Diagnosis», and in it.
  • They will graph, called the boot Options. Clicking on this item will lead to another reboot.
  • The result window will appear with a list of possible ways to turn on the system. Remain press F4, which corresponds to the enable safe mode.


How to enter safe mode in Windows 10?

Start safe mode Windows 10 can be virtually any method described above, in addition to classic image for Windows 7. For example, in this case, you can use the instructions to start Windows 8.

  • With the Shift key held down, you must start the computer restarts.
  • Then on the screen will need to select Diagnostics and advanced settings.


additional options

  • After activation, the boot options will remain to press F4.

download options


Suitable method with a call to the field for the team. For its appearance need to press Win and R and then write the line in msconfig. In addition, you can right click start and select Run. Further actions are stored in the Downloads you will need to tick the Safe mode.

Finally, by pressing the right start button you can invoke the Command line. She will look like a small black window. Here you have to enter the command bcdedit /copy {current} /d «Safe mode», then press Enter. The result is again a window will appear with graphs Download, where, among other things, will need to mark «Safe mode» in the window above.

There are other methods that will work for Windows 10, like the job from the installation disk or the installation of updates and security, but, as a rule, the above methods work without any problems.

the command row

Video instruction

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