How to enlarge breast at home?

How to enlarge breast at home? How many times have asked this question from young girls who have been unlucky by nature to become owners of magnificent forms. Many of them are beginning to raise funds for a dangerous operation, putting at great risk their own health.

how to enlarge breast at home

Really do not have to go to such drastic measures. After all, enlarge Breasts at home one or two sizes is quite feasible. We just need to know how to do it.

General guidelines

There are some General recommendations that help to accelerate the growth of the mammary glands, thereby, depriving girls and women of the hated problems. To become the owner of a large bust, you need to follow the following tips:

  • You need to balance your daily diet. It is proven that certain foods affect breast volume. Therefore, the beautiful does not hurt to eat more often filled with protein-meat, chicken and fish. One should not ignore the seafood. The main components of supply should be cabbage. She helps gently cleanse the body of toxins and other harmful substances. Cabbage improves the condition of skin and prolongs its youth. Before a meal it will not hurt to eat one teaspoon of turmeric, request fresh milk. The fair half of mankind useful this hormone as tarragon. It can be found in honey and nuts, even some important components of the diet.

nutrition for breast growth

  • It is necessary to introduce in your diet with healthy smoothies. There are three method of preparation of such drinks. For the first requires the use of hops (1 tbsp) cups of water. The mixture boil for 20 minutes. It is recommended to drink before meals in the amount of 3 tbsp For cooking the second need such grains as barley, corn and oats. These ingredients pour clean water and boil until complete soaking. The strained drink in the same quantity as intoxicating cocktail. And the most delicious and will certainly become a favorite drink of strawberry leaves. They need to brew on the same technology as regular tea. Drink it at any time.
  • Don’t forget about contrast shower. Change hot and cold water allows improve the skin tone, making it supple and fresh. This is due to the increased circulation of blood, which often becomes stagnant.
  • Do not neglect intimacy with your partner. Experts have already managed to prove the fact that regular sex allows a woman’s body to produce so-called «hormone of beauty.» It positively affects the General health of the woman and allows her forms to actively develop.
  • The use of compresses. Breast enlargement can occur due to such procedures. To compresses to be truly effective, they should be done on the basis of essential oils and herbs.
  • Use iodine mesh. A risky method, but the girls noted his efficiency. Iodine provokes the blood flow to the tissues. Due to this, creating a lifting effect. Conducting such a procedure, you need to be very careful. Because improper use of medical substances can cause the skin serious burns.

big breast popular methods

  • From time to time is recommended to visit the sauna. It is good to steam the body, it will not hurt to do a honey massage. It will help to relieve tension and nourish the skin. This procedure will allow her to catch up and rejuvenate. Special attention should be paid to the chest area.
  • If necessary you can drink a course of hormonal preparations. It’s no secret that the breast growth responds to a hormone named estrogen. If the body fails, its output is suspended before the minimum mark. The mammary glands cease to continue to grow and develop normally. Yet there are problems with other functions of the female body. To help solve the problem of a hormonal drug, which is prescribed by a doctor.
  • Massage of the chest and mammary glands. The gradual movements of the hands in this area allow the blood to better circulate. To increase the effectiveness of this method, it is recommended during a massage using special creams containing vitamin complexes and estrogens.

chest massage for women

  • The conception of a child. Every expectant mother during pregnancy, notes the rapid growth of the mammary glands. This is due to the active production of useful hormones. Positive effect they have on skin, hair and, of course, the chest. Unfortunately, after birth, this effect is greatly reduced and everything is back to its norm.
  • A regular exercise routine. Gymnastic exercises help to build and strengthen the muscles located in the chest. They allow you to lift the bust to make it more firm and taut.

As you can see, there are many ways that allow without carrying out a dangerous operation to make your own bust a little more. Now considering in more detail the most effective methods.

The correct gymnastics

Gymnastics is able to do miracles if done regularly. Girls quite a few times a week to do special exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscles, increasing due to this bust.

exercises for breast augmentation

Exercises very much. But the greatest benefit of them bring the pressure of the palms at chest level, and push-UPS. The last exercise should be done at least 15 times. Thus it is necessary to keep a smooth back and rely on socks. Position during tightening of the palms need to keep a minimum of 25 seconds. Repeat the exercise up to 7 times.

Visual magnification with makeup and clothes

Those who do not want to wait long for the first results from carrying out the exercises, can try to visually enlarge Breasts using the correct make-up. For this purpose, use creams in different shades, powder and other cosmetics, is able to allocate the necessary zone.

how to enlarge breast

To help solve the problems can and clothing. In order to make the bust look more voluminous, you should choose tops with V-neck. And dresses must have the Empire waist. Before you try on a new shirt or tunic, you should wear a bra with push-up. This lingerie is specially created for women who have little shape.

Breast massage is an effective method of increasing

Massage movements perfectly, tightens tissues, cause them to tone. Also, these treatments increase blood circulation. Massage will give the desired result if it is executed regularly. Except that it gives women the beauty that still is a good preventive measure against the formation of malignant tumors in the mammary glands.

Massage is quite easy and requires no special skills. It is enough to make a few light strokes from the nipple to the base of the gland, rubbing essential oils and create with fingertips a small vibration, which accelerates blood flow.

big Breasts fast

The above-mentioned methods can give instant results. The process of breast enlargement will take a lot of time that can be calculated for months. The main thing is to practice them every day. Beauties who were using these recommendations, noted a positive effect. So, they should adopt.

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